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January 26 - 30     Page 69

It's Grampa!  Good morning Grampa!  We're having breakfast!  Want to share the hay pile with us?
He has cherios!
Yep!  Me first!!
Crunch...crunch...good...crunch ...crunch!!
Me now...Grampa!  Donk...E!
Don't forget me and Romeo, Grampa! 
I love cherios, too!
bla...bla...bla bla bla....
Hey Grampa....can you help me out, here?
This is how I jump through the fence to go into the house, Grampa!

Do you have to go home, Grampa?

Sniff...sniff...Snort!  Pizza! Ya!
It's empty!
Maybe there's some cheese stuck to the bottom!  Bottoms up!  Ha Ha Snort!
How come the pig gets a blanket and pillow?
Is it morning, already?
I get to take a big walk today 'cuz it's nice and warm out!
If you concider 40 degrees out...warm!
We're the creek!

Dottie's nervous because I'm not afraid of the water!  She's learning more and more about me every day!

Did you the wild...I would use the river as a potty?  That way the predators wouldn't know where I lived!  They'd think I lived down stream!  In a way....we all live downstream!

Dottie's letting me go where ever I want!

I even get to run!

Come on...Dottie!  You're slowing me down!

I just heard Dottie say "Ho"!


When she tells me to "ho"...I stop...and look at her, then listen for the next command!

She told me to "walk on"!  Let's go!

We're heading up the trail into the woods!  I am sooooooo excited!  I've never been this far away from our home!
The boys were here!
...and here!
...and here, too!  This must be the woods walk!
So many smells!
Yes, Dottie?
Okay!  Walk on!
Well...Keep up, then!
Does that say "Hi"?
This place is a carpet of food!
 Sniff... Sniff.... Sniff...the boys!  What's this way?
It's home!  We just made a big circle!  That's so cool!

There's some icy spots on the hill!  Dottie's letting me pick my own way to go!  She's surprised that I would stop and check it out...then pick the best route! 

I have a lot of surprises for her!  Ha - Ha... Snort... Squeal...Snort!

I'll just follow Dotties tracks in the snow!  That wasn't bad at all!  What a great walk!  Dottie is just amazed that I did so well!  She's still not sure about what a pot belly pig can do!  She'll learn!  We are very smart! 

She walked her farm pigs all the time!  Wanna hear a funny story?  On one of those walks...a truck pulled into the parking lot Dottie, Bart and her pig were just walking into!  A guy jumped out and ran over to her!  He looked at her 300 pound pig and said he just won $5.  He told his friend it was a pig and his friend said it was just a big ugly dog!  Ha Ha Snort!  She handed him their leashes and told her pig to sit...then ran into the store!  Dottie thought that would just make his story a little... more... personal!  Ha Ha!  I love that one!

So this is where the saw dust comes from!  Smells just like pine trees!
Can we go visit the boys?

Hi Chickies!  Nice day isn't it!

Hi Piggy!  You get to go for another walk?

A woods walk!  I went on my first woods walk!  It was great!

You got to go on a woods walk, Piggy?

Ya I did, Donk E!  It was great...too!  Don't feel bad, Donk E...I came up with an idea!  I need you to tell me what you think.....okay? 


Gee...I don't know, Piggy... you think it would work?

Hey...Dottie...Do you mind giving us a little privacy?

It's Private!
How would we do it, Piggy?
We'll just have to get Dottie to go along with us!
Do you think we really have a chance?
Ask the boys what they think...and I'll talk to you later...okay?

Piggy...what were you and Donk E talking about?

Oh Goody!  I love surprises!
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