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Woods walk?  I'm right on it!  Come on, Wayne...we don't have all day!

Hey Donk E...wait for me!

I love our woods walks!
Ya...Piggy got to go on two walks, already!
I can't wait to get to the big pine patch of little trees!

Joe, Grampa and Wrex walked ahead...we have to catch up to them!  

 Hey...Wayne...that was very nice of you to bring Grampa for a visit!  Good Boy!

It is just so beautiful and peaceful out here! 

 With most of the green stuff gone for the can see the forest through the trees!

Come on... Galahad...let's run!  Joe and Grampa are way far ahead!
Follow me!
You coming, Galahad?
Don't you want to run with us?!!
I'll just hang back!  I'm enjoying the walk!
Eat some nice tender pine!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wayne...He's... touching... me!

 When those two run...they kick up their heels...and I don't want to be in their way!

Wow!  Look!  The forest is filled with food!  It's all food...for something!

Hey...wait up for me!

I thought you forgot me!

It's my responsibility to keep up with the herd?

Wow...that's cool!

I have a responsibility!

When you run miss all the good stuff!

But running's fun, Galahad!

Come with us!

We need to run!  It's our na...cha!

It helps us mellow out so when we get back to the barn, we're nice and relaxed!

What do you mean "I better run some more, then"?

I'm coming...I'm coming!

We're passing up all the good stuff you know!

Where'd Joe and Grampa go?
Wait for me!
There they are!
Come guys!  It's Joe and Grampa!
It's Grampa!
He wants to watch us run!
Ready, Grampa?

Say "GO" Joe!


Yeeee....Haw!  He Haw!  He Haw!
Come on...Donk E!  I'll race ya!
...To that pole and back!
I don't want to beat Donk E by too much...that way he doesn't feel bad!  Then he'll want to race me again!  Some times...I'll even let him win!  If I keep winning...why race me?
I win...Grampa!  Where's my treat?
Here comes the Donk!

Do I get a treat, too? 

I love you, Uncle Wayne!

Solly...wanna race again?

Wait a minute, Donk E!   ...Grampa's taking my picture!

I want a picture, too!

Ha!  Ha!  Now it's Joes turn!  Say "Pizza", Joe!

Look out!  It's the man with the camera!  He He!

Hey Wrex...wanna run with us?
No....I'm gonna stay with Joe and Grampa!  We're gonna walk the trails on the other side of the power lines!  You boys aren't allowed to go there!
Well...I want to go for another run!

I wanna see how fast I can run!

I'm smokin!

That was a good pine spot!  I'll have to remember where it is!

Where am I?

Which way did they go?

I heard Dottie call Galahad! 

I'm coming!  I'm running!

When Dottie calls us in...we come running!

She calls it a compromise!  That's when everybody's happy! 

 Our problem was...we like to run off!  Her problem is she needs to keep us close in case she has to protect us!  So we come...when she calls!  Problems solved!  Everybody happy!  It works for us!

Man!  That was a great run!

When we get called in...we always get a treat!  Wayne's treating me now!

His son, Wayne Jr. was the first man I ever let just walk up to pat me!  I miss him!  His Dad is a lot like him!

That run felt so good!  I want to do it again!

Hey...Galahad!  Wait up!  I'll run with ya!

Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  I wanna run, too!
Itchy...sticky stuff on my leg!  Pine sap!  Mmmmmmmmmm!
...And it's Galahad in the lead!
Okay!  Stop!  Turn around!
Race ya back!

Hold on!   Why go in?   We're gonna have to go back to the barn!  Who made Solly boss, anyway? 

He did! is getting late!

Hey Donk E!  Scoop 'em up while you can!

Stop! ...... Turn around!
It doesn't work on Dottie...
Oh!  Green stuff over there!
Yes, Dottie?
I'm getting a "Good Boy", and a treat! 


Would you say "Hi" to Wayne Jr. for me?  And tell him to say "Hi" to all our fans at B.U.!

Why...Thank You!

Me Too!    ...    Me Too!

What do you don't have any left?

Thanks ..a...lot!  Wayne...

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