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Piggys Second Walk!     Page 67

Why does Piggy have to wear a leash when she goes for a walk?  The boys don't like to wear a leash!
Let's get this leash off you!

Mat!  Leave the leash alone!

But Piggy!...

You can't run and play with this thing on, Piggy!
I can run when I'm on a leash, Mat!

Dottie's pretty fast for short bursts!  Ha Ha Snort!

She keeps right up with me!

Dottie doesn't want me to follow she just called my name...

When I start walking toward her...she says "Good Girrrrrl"!

(I like good girls almost as much as I do food!)

Then she tells me to "walk ahead" I do!  Happy pig... happy pig!  

We're all the way to the end of the front corral!

Wow!  It smells nice down here...rotting vegitation!   Hmmmmm...
It's coming from over here!
I heard "Hyep!"...Can't go that way!
That's okay!  I'll go this way!  Happy Happy Happy Pig!
Come on over here, Piggy!  Let's go to the field!
Let go of my leash, Mat!  Come on...let's go!
Across the snow!  I suck my belly up for this stretch!
Head across the driveway... (I'm glad I lost an inch of belly so far!)

Piggy?  What's over there?

Not us, Mat!  We're not allowed near the bridge!  Come on!

Why aren't we allowed near the bridge, Piggy?

Because Dottie said "NO"!

I can't believe there's green stuff growing under the snow!
Oh!  Here's a good cluster!
I'll munch on this one blade at a time!
Oh Boy!  Frozen dirt clumps!  It's like looking for the gum ball hidden in  ice cream!  Gives "cool" a new meaning!  Ha Ha Snort!
Piggy!  Look at me!  I'm walking on a log!
Oooooo....what's that?
Can I reach it with out falling off?
What are those big white fluffy things?


They're moving!

There's all kinds of good stuff in here!
Kinda makes you glad you're not a pig, hunh!  Snort Snort!


Look out below!


He is just so cute!  Ya gutta love him!

Hey Piggy!  Up here!  Way up!...

I heard that!

I'm cute, too...Right?

I'm the cutest Donk E?



You're the cutest... Donk... E!

(He really is, too!)

I'm the cutest, though...hunh Piggy?

I know I am! 

Hey Piggy...

There's a truck coming from the bridge!  


Mike and Diane came by to say hi to us!  This is Dianes very first time walking me on a leash!

Come Diane...walk on...


Mikes gonna drive up to see the big boys!

Let's go this way!   No?

Oh!  Okay!  We'll go visit the boys, too!  Good idea!

Move to the snow,'s safer than walking on the ice!

She'll learn!  She's very smart! 

 I already taught her how to heel...stop...and walk on!  She learned all that just walking up the hill!

Let's cut across here and go see the boys!

Heel...Very Good! 

...she does learns fast!

Diane!  I would just like to tell you that you did Very Good for your first Piggy walk! It was a pleasure!  Thank you!

You know I'm first...right Mike?  Say!  Hurry!

Now it's!

Thank you!

Now it's Donk...E...s turn!

I'm always last...I should get two!

Oh no!  Then I want another one!

Then you be last...!

Hi Diane!

Hey...could you fly me a carrot over the fence so I have a chance to eat it!

I miss your visits more than I do the carrots...

I know it's been cold...

I can hear your car go by when you don't have time to stop up to visit!

You promise??? 

 I'll just pray for warm days then!

You...Mike....May have the honor of walking me home!
Hey you guys!  Wait for me!
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