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Grampa Came To Visit!      Page 66 me out here! 

Suck in a ...big...long... deep..... breath!    Good! 

 Hold it! ............. Very good!!!

Now let it out... very... very... slowly...    and say....     

  "Sigh... I... am... soooo... bored!" 

This diet thing is gonna kill me!  Once Dottie's done with her computer work...we'll get to play!  So I'm just waiting here like a good girl, till she's done!


You came to visit!  Happy Pig...Happy Pig!  My tail is a waggin!

You brought your music!

Can you play my favorite song?  The one that goes..."And my little piggy goes oink oink oink"!

Grampa gave me carrots while we wait for Dottie to feed the boys! 

Then...we go visit the girls!

Good morning Bunny!

Hello...Romeo... ♥♥♥!

Grampa!  We just got an extream home make over!

Check it out!

There's Momma Bunny!  She's having breakfast in the morning sun beam area!
Ask! ...  And you shall receive!

We have all kinds of branches!   And they're all stuffed with hay!

Why...we have branches to chew on...all winter long!  Chewing gives us healthy teeth!

This is the right half of our Bunny Home!

The left side is Bunnys side!  It's under the food and water area!  She made a tunnel right to it from the back!  She sleeps with Momma bunny and me in our nest under the stump!  But... Bunny?  She just had to go and build her own space!  Go figure!
Grampa...I got a make over too!  Wanna see it?

I have a bunch of pine branches stuffed with hay...I have my hollow log that has it's very own exit...and I have a big long pine tree on top!  And that's stuffed with hay!  Then there's all this hay on top... so I can have a spot to lay and look out at the boys... being boys!

I call it... Romeos' Den!  Like it?

Grampa!  You brought music! 

You brought the good harmonica, too!  The one you gave Dottie, makes my ears go flat!

Do I hear music?  ...   Grampa's here!

Nice!  ...I'll finish this pile of hay!

Hey...that's a camera!  Where's the music?
Okay....Take my picture!
Do you have any cherios?

Grampa!  Grampa!  Take a picture of me!  Grampa...take a picture of me!!

Mat can be a real pain sometimes, hunh?

Hey...Mat...go knock over the barn rake!  Go ahead!   Good boy...

When Donk E tells me to butt the barn rake....I do it!
I'm supose to keep pushing it untill I knock it out of the poo barrel!
Donk E says it will help me with this head butting thing!

He says doing this will help get the butting out of my system...

He also has me do this if I'm being a bother!  He said it's "Good for Dottie"....because she's the one who brought me home!

There!  I did it!

This is my favorite part!   I love my Donk Donk E loves me!  My little Donk E goes... he haw he haw!
Grampa!  Wanna see me dance?  I can dance for you!  See?

Mat...go back and butt the barn rake!

But I did...Donk E!

You didn't knock it all the way out!  Go ahead!  Get 'er done!

Go back...butt the barn rake...knock it out...
Donk E's just trying to hog all the attention!
This is really tough!  It's a lot easier when Donk E's helping!
There!  It's out!
Close enough!
I like this song!  Mind if I hum along?
Dottie...why doesn't your music sound like this?
Grampa has cherios!  I have to go in my pen...because I have a tendency to push everybody away from the goodies!  The fence helps keep me in my place!
I'm shaking my head no!  Don't feed the goat....feed me!

I'm first!  You have to name first!  Say...""

...then you feed me!

Now it's my turn!  Say ""!  That's me!  Dottie taught us to wait for our name to be called so we all don't crowd the hand that feeds us!  It works for all of us!

My turn...

Say Donk....E!

Here I am getting brushed...and Donk E moves in!

He just pushed me aside!

Now I know how they feel...when I do it to them....sad...

You'll give me lovings, Grampa?
Oh...Thank you, Grampa....I love you, too!
HeyJoe...don't stop!   You're not done with me yet!
Donk E thinks he can just push me out of the way like that!  NOT!
Hey 'bout a belly scratch?


That's... what I'm talking about!

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