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It's such a nice day outside...that Dottie said she was ready to take me for a walk!  All she does is lay my harness down...and I put my head in!  She ups and overs before I even know it!  Then she scratches my belly while she pulls the strap under!  Then she tells me click...that's the noise that comes from the plastic joiner!  At first...I was afraid of the sound it made because it came from behind me where I couldn't see!  But when Dottie says click...while she's clicking...I hear her, instead!  I'm not afraid of Dottie!  Another problem solved! 
So good, Piggy!  You get to go for a walk today!  You're gonna love it!
I'll help you get the leash off, Piggy!
Mat!  Really!  Don't!  I don't mind the leash!  Honest!

Dottie needs to build a gate she doesn't have to lift me over the fence!

Hey Mat!  Follow the fence line where there's no snow!  So what's down there?

I don't know, Piggy...I've never been down there!

I wanted to go under the fence...but she said "no"!  When I hear that...I stop to look at her.  Then she said good girl!  She gave the leash a quick little tug.  As I started to step towards her...she said "good girl...good girl..."!  So I just walked up to her!  If I started to go where she wouldn't let me...she'd say Piggy...come...and I would!  Then she'd say...good girl!  I really like that!

When I don't feel any pressure through the harness...I know I'm doing good!  If I start to pull in the direction she doesn't want me to go...she does two quick little tugs...then the leash gets tight.  She makes this sounds like "hyep"!  That means "correct yourself"!  I know this because she says it to Solly and Wrex if they're not paying attention.  When you hear that stop whatever you are doing...and look at her.  The eye to eye is important...because then she'll give you the command you can follow through for a "good girl"!  I love the good girls just as much as the boys like to hear good boy!  It's the way she says it!  It makes you feel good inside!

I'm just following the fence line back and forth sniffin for things to eat!  I'm not trying to go under the fence anymore...because I understand... I'm not allowed.  I'm cool with that!  I have all the rest of it to explore!
There's all kinds of things to eat out here!  Back in the house...all there is is a carpet!  I tried to root that up...but I got "hyeped" five times in a row!  Then she'd toss a pellet...and we forget all about it!  But...I do remember... not to do it again!  A good house pig does not eat the carpet!

The amount of smells are unbelievable! 

There's  Solly...DonkE...Galahad...Wrex...the cats and fresh ones from Mat!  But there's squirrels and bunnies and birds too!  And plants and roots and seeds! Oh my!

It's all down hill from here!

Dottie's surprised that I'm walking through the snow!  She's laughing because I'm sucking my tummy in...that way it doesn't touch the snow! 

Notice the slack in the leash!  I just taught Dottie how to "heel"!  She's doing very good!
I wanted to follow Mat...but Dottie didn't want the bushes to get in the way of the leash.  She gave the leash a quick tug...and said "come Piggy"....
Not a problem!  I'm jogging now!  And my tails wagging!  I'm a happy pig!  Come on, Dottie...keep up...will ya?
So...what's over there that you don't want me to see?

I can deal with that...I can't cross a fence!  So what's over here?

Hey Piggy!  Come on!  I've got something to show you!

We went pretty far from the house, Mat!  My first time walking on a leash outside!  And I already went this far!  Wow! Cool!
I can smell Joes tractor tracks all the way down here!  They go right over the bridge!  Dottie said we're not allowed to go near the bridge!  That's okay!  We have plenty of good stuff right over here!
Something smells good! Come on, Piggy...let's go check it out!

Whatchagut, Mat?

Look at all this green grass, Piggy!  It goes on forever!

This spot here...looks pretty good to me!

Did you know pigs love to graze? 

What's this way?  Wow!  Look at all that grass!

What's over here, Mat?

Come on, Piggy...we can't go ove there!

But I want to go this way, Mat!

And Dottie said no!  It's starting to get cold, Piggy...and we have to go up to the come on!

Let go of my leash, Mat!

But I don't want to go in and take a nap!  I want to stay outside and walk more!  She said "hyep"...

I'm trying to look her in the eyes...but she's so far up there! 

Hey Dottie...would you mind if I just look at your knee caps and listen to what you're gonna say?


Alright...alright...I'm moving!  Hey Mat...wait up!

What's this smell?  sniff sniff...

Come on, Piggy...I'm getting sleepy!

Come on Piggy...I'm getting cold and I want my nap!

How can you be cold, Mat?  You're wearing a fur coat! have enough insulation on you to keep a whale warm!

How Rude!

What?  I saw it on the nature channel! 

Let's go say hi to the boys...then we'll go in for a nap...okay, Mat?
Okay Piggy...but after that...we go in!  It's getting cold...and I'm hungry!

Boy Piggy...i didn't know you could run that fast!

Hi Solly!  Hi Donk E!  Hi Galahad!

Hi Piggy!  What's up?

I got to go on my very first outside walk today!

Where'd you get to go, Piggy?

 Was there green stuff?

We walked all the way down the front corral...across the driveway...we're not allowed near the bridge...and over to the big field...then we walked up here to see you!

I wish we could go for a walk...

Piggy...can we go in now?

Okay, Mat...let's head in...

Hey Piggy!

Ya Solly?

Turn around!

You did very good for your first walk!  I'm proud of you!

Why...Thank you, Solly!  That means allot to me!

Please... Piggy...can we go in now?

That was really nice of Solly!

Come on...Piggy...I'll walk you home!

Let go of my leash, Mat.

Okay!  Let's go home!

Hey Mat?  What's this?

The stairs to Dotties sandbox...and that's her pile of rocks!


What's over here?
Whoa!  Can't go there!  Ice...not good!  Step back...
She has rocks everywhere!
Hey Piggy!  I found an oak leaf!
What's over here?
More rocks...and more oak leaves...yum!
Okay, Mat!  Let's go in!  My goose bumps have goose bumps!
Oh does that sunbeam feel good!
Oh Ya!  Warming me right up!
Why do I have to go in the pen...and Piggy get's to lay in the sunbeam?
You're not house broke, Mat...
I'm a goat!  We don't get house broke!  Come on...let me out!
Lay down, Mat...and take your nap!
Well...At least I get my own sunbeam!
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