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January 25 th Woods Walk     Page 64

We're going for a walk!  We're going for a walk!  Happy dog...Happy dog!

Hey...Joe buddy!  Why do I have to be on a leash?  Why not the dog?

Come on, Galahad!  We get to run through the woods!
She must be really trusting me ...letting me go without a halter!
I'll just make sure I stay she'll trust me even more, next time!
Hey !  Wait for me!
I like this!
I love when I can just run through the forest!
There's so much to see!
And all kinds of things to eat!
I'll say!  It's like a salad bar!
I'm running to Dottie because she just called me in! 
When I come to her...I get a carrot!

It works for me!  Then she'll tell me to go she walks away!

Most times I just walk with her...I like to hum when I walk!  She likes to hum back!

You let Solly off the leash?
No rest for the weary!
Boy...can he run!  I wish I could run like that!
Come with me!
He's running wild!
I'll hang with you, Galahad!

That's okay, Donk E!  You go and run...I'll walk with Dottie and Joe!  Go get him!


I'm right behind you...Solly!
Look at them go!  I wish I could run like that!
Well...come on!  Cut loose, Galahad!
I'm gonna get ya, Galahad!  Look out!
Race ya back, Galahad!
Gee...Donk E!  You're fast!
That was great!
You think Donk E's fast?
Well...he beat me!'s okay, Joe!  I'm happy just walking with you!
Come on...Galahad!
Hmph!  He thinks Donk E's fast...wait till he sees this!
Wow!  Look at him go!  He's flying!

What did you think of that!  Hmmmm?

Okay can leash me now!

We're all tired, now!
It's almost dinner time!
Did someone say dinner?
I sure worked up an appetite!
But I don't want to go back!

Well...I do!

I'm right behind you, Galahad!

Got treats?
Could you get me a handful of Cherios, please?
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