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January 23 - 24     Page 63

I am just...sooooo...bored!  Think I'll go see what Piggy is up to!
Hey Piggy!  See if you can get a goal!
And she lines up the ball for a roll... 
What a save!
 She shoots again!
Piggy gets a goal!  Hey Zeek...where ya going? 

I don't feel like playing, anymore!

Aw...come on, Zeek!  One more time...please?  Oh...never mind...

Oh...all right...Piggy...come on back...I'll play!
Okay Piggy...get ready!
Come on, Piggy...roll the ball in the net!
Do I get a treat if I get it in?
Time for me to take my nap while Dottie goes out to take care of the big boys!
Can we go for a walk?
Awww...come on...pretty please?
How 'bout if I take you?  Come on...let's go for a walk!
Race ya to the bottom of the hill and back!
You're on!
When I run this fast...I feel like I'm flying!
You got lucky, Solly!
Come on ...I'll race you again!
Hey, got a head start!
Last one back's a rotten egg!

That Donk E's getting faster every day!

Ha Ha... Solly!  I won!
Boy're getting slow!
Who you calling slow?
I let you win!
Did not!

I did too!   (nip)

Ouch!  I hate when he does that!  What a sore looser!
Just for that...I...don't want to play with you!
Geeze...I'm sory, Donk E...I had a Solly moment!  I didn't mean it!  Honest!
Hey Donk E!  Let's slide down the hill on our backs!
All you have to do is wiggle back and forth...and it get's you sliding!
Whoa!  Solly...slow down!
I'm still sliding!
He's bonkers!

Come on...Donk E!   Give it a try!

Oh...all right!

Here goes nothing!  Hope I don't hit a bump!

Like my new rug?  Dottie got it so I don't slip on the deck...or get my toes caught in the cracks!

She brought the boys out front so I could say Hi!

Piggy's coming!

Piggy's coming!

You be nice now...Solly!

Hi Boys!  Nice to see you! are such a sweetheart!

Hey Piggy...we're sweethearts, too!


Go ahead...Solly...ask her... ask her, Donk E!


What's up, Donk E?

What's it like to be a house pig?

Well...I'll tell you...

I want to be a house Donk E!

Be careful what you wish for, Donk E!

Shhhh!  Here she comes!

Truth is, Solly....I miss you guys!  You make me laugh!

But're hogging all the quality time!

Solly...don't you go through all your tricks for her...and then you get a chest scratch?  That's your quality time!  When she brushes you?  And cleans you feet...and your stall?  That's all your quality time!
Mat told us you get to lay on a blanket and pillow...and watch TV with Dottie!  Is that true?

 You get to watch TV?  Hmph!

Donk E!  You promised not to say anything!

Is it true that you get to eat all day long? 
Solly!  Don't you?  Only difference guys get alot to eat...I only get a little...and I have to work for it!  Dr Emillie put me on a diet!

A diet?

Maybe I don't want to be a house Donk E after all!
You know what they say, dont cha?  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!
Kinda makes you wonder what they use for fertilizer...hmmmmm?

Well...that was nice!

I sure worked up an appetite!

Can we send out for a pizza?

How 'bout some Chinese food?

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