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January 23      Page 62

First thing I check out all the little piles to make sure there's nothing good hiding in them!

I follow behind Solly and do what he does, cuz he's the boss hoss! 

Look out, Galahad...he's coming in!

Hi Guys!  Mind if I step in? we go!

Donk E...give him a chance...he's been doing good...being good!!

Hi guys!  Find anything good in there?  Any hidden cherios or apple pieces?

Good morning Donk E!  Did ya miss me? be good to him...and share the pile!

Hey, Donk...I've been good!

Donk E looks out for me!

We all do, Mat!

I think I'm gonna go check out that pile...right over there!
Nice pile!  Not even picked over!

Ohhhhhh....Guys...I found a goooood spot!

Good for you Mat!

Solly!  You just swiped his whole pile!

I can not believe you just took hay from a baby!

I couldn't help it...I just had a Solly moment...'re pathetic...

I know, Donk E!  That was greedy of me!  It's tough to just change...but I am trying!

That's okay...Solly...there's a nice spot right over here!
Ya...he let's Mat eat where ever he wants...

I have to go eat over here!

Quit your whining, Donk E...look at the spot I got!

Hey... Solly?
What's up Mat?
How come you let me eat with you...but you won't let Donk E...or Galahad?
Because I like you, Mat! 

Don't you like Donk E and Galahad?
Yeeeesssss.....I know where you're going with this, Mat!  Let's not go there...just eat your hay...before I eat it all!

Hi Galahad!  Oh!  You have a good spot!  Care to share?
See!  Things are fine!  Every body's happy!  We each have our own pile of hay!
Of course...I get the biggest pile!
It's my metabolism!
Ya!  Mine too!
Hey's cold...and snowing!  Could we have some warm applesause?
Oh ya!  Warm applesause sounds good to me!
With apple pieces?  Can you put apple pieces in it to make it chunky?
Now that's what I'm talking about!

How is it, Donk E?

It's delicious!  Slurp slurp

Is it my turn, now?
It's warm!   And we have apple chunks, too!
I like to eat all the apple pieces first!
That was good!  Can I have some more?
Thank you!
This is really...
Delicious!  Yum!
Is there any more?
She's up with the chickens!

Come on...Galahad...i know where she keeps it!

Ewwwww...Donk're gonna get in trouble!

Ah ha!  It's not locked!
Coast is clear!
Just push the door open...
Hey Galahad!!

There you are!

Busted, hunh?

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