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January 18 - 22     Page 61

Hey...Dottie...under here!  Come here...check this out!  I'm digging my own room!  I'm digging tunnels too!  All over the place!

This is where I want my room...under here!  I can't go any deeper because I'm down to the wire...
You know what I need?
Pine branches...lots of pine branches!
Come on...follow me!  Let me show you what I've been up to!  I've been a digging fool...I'll tell you!  I dug tunnels all over the place!
So this is where my room area is gonna be...okay?  And we're gonna stuff it with pine branches and hay...okay?  That way I can make some really neat tunnels!

When you leave my room come out here!   You can either go to the left...the right...or straight ahead!  (We bunnies like to have a lot of exits to feel safe!)

If you go to the leads down to the roots of the stump...thats where Momma Bunny and Blue live! 

If you go to the brings you out to the front of the log entrance!

And if you go straight follow the trail to the right...behind the log entrance!  That's where we're going!

This is looking through the entrance log to the back!  Can you see me?
Can you see me now?  Behind me is the sunny area in front of the window!  It's a nice warm place to relax in the sun shine!
This is looking through the exit tunnel into the sunny area!
Can you find my exit hole? 
Here I am!  Cool, hunh?

All I need is some more pine branches to finish it off! 'bout a carrot for the tour?

She's easy!

Now that's what I'm talking about!  Thank you!

...How 'bout some hay now?  I need lots of hay!

No Donk E!  You can't bother the chickens!  They're taking a dust bath...and I promised to make sure they wouldn't get disturbed!
Thanks Mat!  We ready to sing in the bath?  There were three little chicks...sitting in the bath...and the middle one said roll over...roll over....
First we need to scratch up the dirt under us...then we kick it up over our backs!
Then we fluff our feathers and shake the dirt in really really good! 
A little more dirt up over the back...and then we shake it in.... even better!
Ahhhh...just a little more dirt should do it!

And then....come on...sing the chorus with us!

Shake shake shake...shake shake shake...shake your body...shake your body!

Shake shake shake...shake shake shake...Disco Baby!

Okay, Mat...we're done with the bath!  Thanks for the lookout!

Okay Donk can go in...see you guys later!
Joe chopped down a pine tree for us to munch on!  Can't get it any fresher than this!
That's a good boy Mat!  Butt the tree...butt the tree!  Get it all out of your system...(so you don't butt me!) have the whole rest of the tree...why do you have to butt into my spot?
Our friend and neighbor, Mary...came over to visit and drop off goodies for the critters!  I taught her how to hold the hoop so I could go through it!  I even taught her to give me a pellet when I do!  She's real smart!  She picked it up pretty quick!
Good Girl Mary!
Very Good, Mary!  You just hold that hoop...and keep those pellets coming...and I'll do the rest!
Okay which one is the blue one?  Very Good!  Good Girl!
Seeing I can't have oatmeal anymore (Dr. Emillie said no), Dottie emptied it out, made holes in the tube, then put some pellets in it!  When I roll it around...the pellets fall out!  I like this!
All this work for one tiny pellet?  You betchya!

Now I'm rolling it the other way!

I can even stand it up on end!
And knock it over!
Who wants popcorn?
Hmmmm...popcorn!  I hope it's salted!
Oh!  I love popcorn!

Okay!  Spread out!

Dottie sprinkled the popcorn all around the yard!  She learned that from the pig!  Work for your food!

What?  No butter?
A french fry?
This is different!
Hmmmm....that was pretty good!

These are really good...Donk E! 


No more oatmeal for me for breakfast...I'm on a diet!  Oatmeal is still concidered a garin...and Dr Emillie said no!  So I got spinache and tomatos, instead!  I don't really care, 'cuz it's still food!
And this is yummy!
I get to have breakfast with the big boys!  Donk E is he hawing to me to hurry up!  Oh look!  A stick!
We got apple chunks with our grain this morning!
And I got an apple chunk while I wait for her to finish up with the big boys!  Then we go up to visit the girls!
What a great treat!  We love bread!  All of us!  Even the chickens and ducks!
Fresh bread for a breakfast treat!  Can't get any better than this!
I was hoping it was rasin bread...but this is good!
Do I smell bread in the bunny house?
Sigh...I wish I could visit the girls....I miss being with them!  This must be what they mean when they say "wishful thinking"!
Hey Mat!  What do you think you're doing?!!!
That's my bread!
And now he's eating my pellets!  The nerve of that goat!
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