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January 14 - 15     Page 58

...and then he said...whisper whisper I told him...whisper whisper.......
It's Dottie....shhhhhhh.....

Who?   US?!   (giggle giggle giggle)


This is a ride 'em toy Joe just finished building for our friends son.  It's powered by the arms pushing and pulling...and it's steered by the feet!  Kid Powered!  (No electric or battery here!)  It's made from our own maple and beech trees!

This is me!  Rolling the log!  As I roll it...Dottie tosses a pellet or two under it as we go!  I eat the pellets...and push it some more!  I like this game!

I just keep rolling the log!  Dottie once layed down a line of pellets in front of the log!  When I looked over the top of the log I was rolling...and saw the line of pellets on the other side of the log...I stopped rolling...went around the log...and started eating the pellets... up to the log...then just kept rolling along!

What's this?  One dried up cranberry for all that work?

I'll take it!

We're working on our training for my visit to the vet.  Dottie's asking me to lay down as she taps the blanket and makes like she's pawing it to make a nest!  That's a universial signal to lay down...even Mat knows that one! 

Dottie makes sure to tell me ...every ...little ....thing ...that's going on!  What ever she does...she puts a word to it!  That helps a lot when it comes to trust...once I hear the word and connect it to the action...I'll remember...I'm that smart!

When she says those magic words..."Tummy Rub"...and I roll right over!

Then she massages me from my nose to my toes.  SHE says she's checking for lumps, bumps or anything out of the ordinary...

I just tell her to "check away all you want"  cuz I ain't budging!

She plays with my nose, pulls at my lips...and slides her fingers inside mouth.

All the time...she's telling me what she's doing!  And telling me that I'm a "Good Girl"! (I like the way she says that!)   Good Girrrrllll!

Mind you...she always uses two hands...but for the pictures sake...she's only using one! 

So hurry up Dottie...and take your picture...and get back to work!

This is my front hoof.  Can you see the line by the tip...where it goes from pink to white?  The pink is called the "quick".  When my nails get trimmed (just like yours do!) have to be very careful not to cut into the pink...or it will bleed....and I would not be a happy camper! 

This is the underside of my foot!  I have two toes and two dew claws!  Those are the smaller spikey little things growing above the toes.  Just like your toes...if the toe nail gets to could break off, chip or split...which would be very painful!  We don't want that!  No! No! No!...   These tiny little feet have to carry me We need to take care of them!

The bottom of the toe part?  The pads are very soft and velvety!

Ah!  Foot massage!  I'm definately not gonna pull my foot away when it feels good!  So now I know......that if she has to grab, hold, turn, twist or bend my foot , leg or shoulder...when it feels good...then I'll trust her to do the same if it should get hurt!

And the Belly Rub! This will put me right to sleep!
This is my hind foot.  She's slowly working her way down to the toes!  She can work as slow as she likes!
This is the underneath of my foot!  Same two toes...same two dew claws...but the hind foot is shaped different...they're smaller than my front feet!  The pads on the hind feet are just as soft and velvety as the front feet!  Where my back feet are's harder to tell where the "quick" you have to be even more careful when you trim!  Can you tell how much has to be trimmed? Even the dew claws have to be trimmed!

Now I'm getting another foot massage!  She moves my foot around...squeezes it...turns it...twists it...and I don't have a care in the world!

Now she's telling me what a good girl I am!  I can feel the love come through her hand!

Ohhhh!  snort snort...the ear rub!  Dottie pulls my ears...turns them, twists them...moves them around...looks in them...stretches them...and even sniffs them... If I wasn't sleeping by the time of the belly rub...I am now!

Dottie use to rub her daughters ears when she was younger...had the same effect...out like a light!

But I don't want to wake up now... I'm not done feeling good!
Oh!  How can we forget the snout shot! 
Piggy and I are racing around trying to get the pellets Dottie tossed on the floor!  It's like a pinata...without the pinata!

You have to hurry...before Piggy eats them all! 

She's like a Roomba!  She comes out of he up anything she can find...then goes back to her room!

I've been known to snag a few pellets that might of bounced my way!
She even hid pellets in the bark of the log!
I'm standing on my tippy toes!  Please let me have my bottle?
Donk E's he - haw- ing me!  I'm coming Donk E!
I'm glad he still likes me!

I can be such a butt head at times!

He - Haw...He - Haw!!!!!!!!

Hey Mat!  Good Morning!  Come to join us for breakfast?

Hi Fuzzy Ball!  What are you doing out?

It's too nice a day to be hanging in the coop!

Where's the rest of the flock?

Inside...staying warm!  We silkie chickens like the cold...we have thick fuzzy feathers that keep us warm!

Feathers?  It looks like fuzzy fur...

Hey...Mat...Wanna have some fun?  Help me tip over the barn rake!

I can't lift it, Solly!

Come on,'re almost there!

Come on, buddy...push with your head!  Push! Push!  (He doesn't know I'm holding it down!  This gets the butt thing to go away for awhile!)
Push harder,'ll help ya!
Push!  Push harder!  Almost got it!
Good Job! did good!
Whaaaaaat!  ...I'm teaching him every thing I know!
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