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I'm exausted!  I have been getting so much exercise...I'm ready for the marathon!
Dottie gets her up after me!  She brings out all my toys...and tosses a handful of pellets on the floor!  I find every one of them!  I have to move my toys around to do it!
I have to wait here for Dottie to come back from the kitchen!  I smell all kinds of good stuff in there...and if I try to peek in...she offers me onion skins.  I really don't like the smell of them...expecially if I touch it with my nose!  So I just wait here for her to come out...and she'll bring me a snack and let me eat in my room!  That's cool!
This is my play time while Mat's outside with the big boys!  I push this stuff around all morning!  Good thing she has a vacuume!
Ah ha!  My little ball with the cashews in it!  When I roll this...they fall out...and I get to eat them!
She hides pellets in the wood...and I get to find them!
Then she brought in some pine branches for me to root under!  I like rooting under things!
All that work...looking for food...made me hungry!
We work with the leash so much that it just comes natural for me to walk with her...even when there's food...even when there's toys...I go where she goes!
Dottie had to get these rugs so I could walk across the hard wood floor! If she doesn't want me to leave the room...she slides them back!  I don't like to walk on a slippery I stay in my room!  She said it works for her.
See!  I'm no fool!  If I slip...I could get hurt...and we don't want that!  I'll just stand here...'till we turn around and walk the other way!
To be honest with you...I don't even need the leash!  I'm happy just to follow her around!

When she says "ho"...I stop and look at her to see what she wants next!  I also learned "step back"...but that's hard to show in a picture!

Dottie says I do so good on the leash...that we don't have to work on it anymore!

But I like walking on a leash!

Dottie...I need a time out for a potty break!
The ramp is still too I'll just use the outdoor litter box! works for me!
Hey Mat!  Where are you?  Are you ready to take a nap?
Piggy?  Is that you?
I'm coming, Piggy!  A nap, right about now...sounds pretty good to me!
I wonder why Donk E, Solly and Galahad don't take a nap! 
Dottie got a call from a friend while we were napping!  They got a hospice dog from a Rotty Rescue group.  Roxy had bone cancer...and couldn't walk down the stairs to go potty.  So Dottie packed up some wood and her tools...and she and Mike built this ramp for her.  Sadly...Roxy never got the chance to use it...she passed the next day.  But Mike said building the ramp kept his mind off the inevitable.  What a lucky dog Roxy was to have people who would give her a home...and lovings...for the final stage of her life!
When Dottie got home...she was so cold to the bone...that I had to snuggle with her to warm her back up!
Then...when she was nice and toasty...I moved in... and hogged the warm spot!

Hey you guys! 

I'm B-a-a-a-ck!

Wake sleepy heads!

This is the "Big Boys" food!

Galahad gets a cup and a quater of llama food in the big black bowl.  Donk E and Solly get a third of a cup of horse grain in their food trays!  Galahad gets way more food than Donk E and Solly...that's why I share his food with me!

We don't always get cherios...sometimes it's carrot or apple pieces...or pieces of left over rasin bread! (That's the best!)  And that cup of brown powder?...that's special vitimins and minerals mixed with salt!  We all get a sprinkle of that on our food!

I get to munch on a piece of collard greens while she's finishing up feeding the boys!

Then we go up to check on the girls!

Hi girls!  Great morning...isn't it!

Any day we get carrots with breakfast is a good day...Romeo!

Well then...that means everyday is a good day!


Door's open!

Mind if I come in?

You know you're not allowed in the girl bunnies house, Romeo!

Come on...Solly!  Let's play!

I don't want to eat my breakfast...I want to play!

Won't somebody play with me?

I'm gonna get you...Donk E!   (Clunk!)

Ouch!  That really hurt...Mat!  You got me right between the eyes! 

Gosh Donk E...I'm so sorry!  I can't help it...really!  I don't even know I'm doing it...'till it's already done!

I am so sorry I hurt you...

That's it, Mat...You hurt me...and I don't want to play with you!  Now go away...

Awww...come on, Donk E...I didn't mean it...honest!  I love you!

No...go away untill I'm done with my breakfast.

The kid has way too much energy in the morning!  We're all just starting to wake up...and I'm alergic to mornings!  It's like he just ate a bowl of fruit loops!
Come'll play with me...won't cha!

(Clunk)  I got you...Solly!

Ouch, Mat!  That was not nice!

Ouch!  Hey, Mat...that really hurt...I told you...don't bother me while I'm eating my breakfast!  Now go away!

No body wants to play with me.  I wish I didn't head butt.  I'm wishing I wasn't even a goat!  Why couldn't I have been born a donkey?
Dottie...YOU have to talk to him!  The little bugger clunked me right on the forehead...and I'm still seeing stars!
You are the one who brought him home...
Before I go into the big boys pen...I have to head butt the gate or the post.
I have to keep rubbing my head and pushing the gate 'till I don't want to anymore...
When I do this long enough...I start to get tired...and my adrenaline drains out.  I have to get this butt thing out of my system!  They all say I'll grow out of it...but I didn't even want to grow into it in the first place!  I know it has to be because I just got neutered...
Are you feeling better, Mat?  Do a few more...just to be sure!
Hey Solly...Look out!  Incoming!
Did you get the butt thing out of your system, Mat?
Good!  Here...have some hay!
Come on, me hide the rake!  If she can't do the yard chores...she'll have time to play with us!
Here ...kitty... kitty... kitty!
What are you doing in the kitchen?  I hear you chopping something!  It smells like an apple!
She put the apple pieces inside this paper bag!  There's holes in it too! When I push it around...a piece or two will fall out...and I get to eat them!  Works for me!
And here's the trick I taught Dottie!  If she wants me to go in my pen...she has to put food in first!  Otherwise...I...won't...budge!
Mmmmm...chopped pear!  Oh this is soooooo sweet!

I mean...really now!  Can you believe the "pig" has the run of the house?  She even has a bigger litter box than us cats!  The nerve!  And to top it all off...she acts more like a dog...than the dog!  Go figure! Ha!

Sigh...what a busy day!  This is nice...late at night.  I get to lay down in the computer room and listen to Dottie clicking and tapping away.  Sometimes I look up... and see Mat playing with the Big Boys!  I liked hanging by the fence and hanging out with the boys!  I miss that...

When I looked up and saw this photo...of me....well... first I want to say... I was laying on a fluffy pad of soft blanket!  So it kind of squished me all together!  Almost like a big, comfortable hug!  It felt like when  someone squishes your cheeks together, squealling "Oh! What a cute little piggy you are"!  But I did realize...I do need to loose a chin rinkle or two...maybe even three....snort snort Ha! Ya!  I'll have to work on it!     ...tomorrow...

Hey!  See what I mean?  It's the blanket!  Really...
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