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January 16 - 17     Page 59

Oh...The red stuff on my face? That's the Muscovie Duck look!  I'm concidered quite handsome in the Duck world!

Ohhhhhhh.......did Dottie get upset with us this morning!  You might say...we got into some hot water!

She caught me and the girls using the boys heated water trough as a jacuzzi...she was not pleased!

She said she'll build us a pond with a waterfall out of all the rocks she collected...but we didn't want to wait!  Now...she only lets us out once she has the barn door closed so we can't do it again!  How unfair!

She had to drain, wash and refill the trough...and it's like the coldest day we had so far!   Hey...we're was there!  It was nice...too! 
Time for a nice bunny back rub!
My turn!

Can we talk, here?  We don't need to neuter me...I'm happy with the way things are...

Well...for one...Look what happened to Mat!  He started head butting!  I don't want to start doing that!  Can you imagine what life would be like for a bunny that head butts?  And Dr Teddy said bunnies don't do good under don't want anything to happen to you? 

We had to super size my play log!  I still use the other one...but this one is more fun to push around!
I give this one a nudge...and it rolls two or three times!
When I get to the end...I turn around...
...And then I push it the other way!  Maybe when I get bigger...I can help Joe with the logging!  He was impressed when he saw this trick for the first time!
Can you see my tail wagging?  Happy Piggy...Happy Piggy!  Oh! ...a pellet!  (gone)
Mike and Diane  came by to help Dottie give me a shot of antibiotic.  I got an infection where I got my now I have to get even more.  One each day...for the next 5 days...bumma!  But with Mike and Diane entertaining me...It's done before I even knew Dottie did it!
I think it hurt Diane more than it did me!  Poor's okay!  It's all over!'t put me down!  What am I saying? 

Oh it hurts...I'm in such pain! ... Do you think you can snuggle me a little closer, please?

Why does Wrex get the cookie?  I'm the one who got the shot!
Piggy's teaching Mike how to hold the hoop so she can go through!  And she has Diane trained to give her a pellet when she does!  Boy that pig is smart!
I just love this trick!  Can you see my tail wagging?
Ha Ha...Snort snort!  I just trained Diane to give me a pellet when I knock the ball into the net!  She learns fast! 
Thank you!  I'll take the lovings!  You did pretty good yourself!

Hey Galahad!  You in here?


The sun sure feels good!
Here's some hay for ya, Mat!
Thanks, Solly!
Here...have some more!

Here Mat!  Take it all!


...That's enough, now!
Solly's pushing this sharing thing... just a little... too... far!
Go figure!
What are you looking at?
It's a nice day for a walk about! 

Sure...we'll walk with you, Galahad!


I'm just checking the bark to see if there's any bugs hiding in the folds!  It's kind of hard to do with a round bill!  The chickens have a much better beak because it's pointed!  That's okay!  My beak can shovel dirt under the water to stir up any bugs!  Chickens don't do that!
Awwww....come on...give me a kiss!
.....and I love you back!
I'm trying to be good!
I thought I 've been doing really good at being good!
Well....there was this one time...
Does it count if you weren't here to see it?
Check this out!  This is my new trick! 

Dottie puts a pellet in the red one...and says..."get the red one"!

I sniff for the pellet...find the red one...get the pellet...then she tells me to "bring it home"...that means it has to "click" the base!  Then i get another pellet...while she places a pellet in the next one!  (That way I can't see where she put it!)

Now she tells me Blue one...I sniff for the pellet to find the blue one.  As I sniff the other colors...she tells me the name of each color I'm sniffing!  When I get to the blue...she says ..."good girl"...then she tips it over so I can get to the pellet!  Then she tells me to "bring it home"!  I push the ring to the base...and I get another treat! has to click the base in order to get the treat!  She doesn't budge on that!  No pellet!  And I want that pellet!
Now it's the green one!
Now it's the yellows turn!
And then the purple one!
This is the last one!  It's orange!
Ta - Da!  Once it's all together...I get another treat!  

And she thought she could find me a better home than this?  Ha Ha Snort!  I'm not going anywhere! 

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