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January Woods Walk Part 2

You promised Galahad he could run free next time we woods walk!


When you said who wants to go for a walk...I came in here!

I've been waiting for you to get me dressed!

Once she's done putting my halter on...then making sure none of my hair is caught...I rest my head in her hand...and she clicks on the leash!  I stay down untill she steps back and says "up"...then I get up!

I thought you forgot me...


If it's my turn to run free...then why am I on a leash?

That's cool...I can wait 'till we get to the top of the hill!

I've got my "gotchya" rope's a lot easier for Dottie to catch and hold me if there were an emergency, like deer running, or a lost 4 wheeler!  Most times though...she just says "head"...and I put my head in her hand.  She holds the rope for a few seconds...tells me "good boy" then tells me to go play! So I do!

Mmmmm....pine sprig!  Almost to the top!

Which way do you want to go?

Let's go this way!

No...let's go this way!

Hmmmm......That spot looks good!
Fresh Pine!  You can't beat that!  I love it when the pine sap sticks to your lips!
You said you'd let Galahad off the leash so we could run!

Pretty Please?  Come can you resist this cute Donk E face?

You did promise me I could run...

You're letting me go?

Thank you!

Hey... Solly...wait for us!
Hey you guys...wait for me!
I'm coming...I'm coming!  Thanks for waiting up...Solly!'s a nice tender morsel!
This is pretty tasty, too!
It's like a buffet out here!
When Dottie calls us...we come to her...get patted and then we get a "good boy" and a treat!  Then she tells us to go play!
Did you just call me?
I'm coming!  What's up?
A treat for me?  Yum!  And a "good boy"...that's even better!
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out!  Be good...get a treat!  It works for me!
She said "go play"... Solly!
She's calling us again!
Last one there's a rotten egg!

Come guys!

Do you have any cherios on you?
Wait for me!
Come on you guys...we're heading in! 

That felt really good to stretch out and run free!

Dottie's ringing the "come and get it" bell!  That means... there's some grain happening!  I hope we get little chunks of carrots with it!

Me first!  I'm the boss!  I get to lead!

Well...I didn't really want to be the boss, anymore...but no one else wanted it! long as I'm a good Boss...I can still be boss!

As I come through the gate...I get a "very good boy" I know I did really good! 
It pays to be good!  You get extra treats!
I was good...too! 
Do I get an extra treat?
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