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January Woods Walk     Page 55

Donk E?  I'm bored!  I want to do something that won't get me into trouble!  We already tipped over the poo cart!

Hey Dottie...can we go on a woods walk?

Ya!  A woods walk!  Great idea, DonkE!  Can we?  Hunh?  Please Please?

Ye - Haw!   Ye- Haw!  Now this is what I'm talking about! 


Ya...Donk E gets to run free!  But me?  I have to pull Dottie up the hill...

Look out!  Coming through!


Good stuff over here!

Thanks Solly!  You always find the good spots!

Solly!  You're really sharing the good spot?

Well, ya, Donk E...the little guy made me grow a heart!  I like to!

Solly sharing food!  Can you believe that!

Hey Mat...

I'm right here, Donk E! 

 Let's go this way!

  Let's go this way!

Well...I want to go that way!


This feel great!  Sun shine...fresh snow...peaceful... quiet...what more could a horse want?  A nice roll in the snow...perhaps?!!

Solly...are you okay?  What are you


Rolling in the snow, Mat!

But Solly...why would you do that?

Because it feels good...and it cleans my fur...and itches my back...all at the same time!

Oh!  ...........It must be a horse thing!

Hey Mat!  Check this out!
I'm sitting!'s a Donk E thing!

Whoa!  (slip, thump, slide)   Hey...Look at me...Solly!  I'm doing them both at once!  Sitting and laying down!  Well...kinda sorta...

You okay, Mat?

Yep!  Don't worry 'bout me, Solly...I meant to do that!

Ya...right, kid! didn't hurt him...did you?
Oh nooooooo....Donk E!  Solly wouldn't hurt me!  He likes me!  He even shares his food with me!

Ya know?  Solly has been "different" since Mat joined us...that's a good thing!

Mmmmmmmmm...dirt and grass roots...yum yum yum!

Why is it so hard for everyone to believe?  I grew a heart!  I don't want to be the boss...I don't want to be a bully! 

I like having hang with... to walk play with...even to share food with!

Did I just say that?  It is a miracle!  I truely feel that in my heart!   Thank you, God! 

Nice!  Pine Tree!  Just my size!
Hey Mat...where are you, buddy?
I'm over here, Donk E!

Just make sure you stay close...okay?   Now go eat!

Well...that's not right!  He calls me...tells me to stay close...then sends me away!
Is this close enough for you, Donk E?
What about now, Donk E!  Am I close enough, now?  Hunh?
I'll just stay right you know where I am...okay?
He didn't think it was funny...

Solly?  Why are you on a leash...and we're not?

She thinks as long as one of us is on a leash...we'll all stick together.

Is that true?

Yes...we're a herd! 

Well...what happens when none of us has a leash on?

We run!  And run!  And run!

That's a good thing...isn't it?

This is the sweet stuff! 

Donk E?  Can I ask you something?

Isn't running good for us?

Whoa!    Help!    Donk E!    Something just swallowed my legs!
You're safe, Mat!  You just fell through the snow!
Yikes!  I'm out of here!

You okay, Mat?

I'm!  Come on...Donk E!  I'm a big boy!  I wasn't really scared!  (much)

Yum!  This stuff is sticky sweet!
Hey Dottie!  Your shoelace is untied!  He He He!
Please let me off the leash?  I promise to be good!
I'll get the leash off you, Solly!

Donk E?  Will you ask Dottie to let Solly off his leash?

You go ask her yourself, Mat!

Come on, Dottie...let Solly off the leash!
Let Solly run...and you can put me on the leash...okay?
You'd do that for me?
Hey Solly...that's my leaf!
Let him have it...there's plenty more out here!
Come on...Solly...Play with me!   I'm...gonna....get you!
Not fair that I have to stay on the leash...and Donk E gets to run through the woods...
I promise to be good if you let me off!  Really...I promise!

Step aside!  I'm coming through!

Hey Donk careful there!

Show off...

Ye - Haw!     Ye - Haw!
Don't feel bad, Solly...I'll stay and play with you!
You let me off the leash?  You really trust me?
Hey Donk E...I'm free!  Wait up for me!
Ye - Ha!
Come on, Solly!  Let's go back and get Galahad!
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