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January 8 - 10     Page 54

Hey!  Zeek Kitty...where do they keep the food?
In the kitchen ?  Over there?  Cool!

And what's over that way?

My room?  Thanks buddy!

I'm sitting here...waiting for Dottie to come out of the kitchen!  I'm not allowed in there!  No!  Really!  I AM sitting!

When I try to peek in...she offeres me a piece of onion skin...sooooo yeck!  Sure...I'm a pig....but even pigs won't eat that!

It's okay!  I'll wait here!  I get to follow her all around the house while she does her housework!  That way I get my exercise...too!

I got to go visit Diane!  My bottle days are numbered!  I like to share these moments with her!  It makes us both happy!

Time for us to take a nap!

Look at our room!  What a mess...right?  This is what we do to all that nice newspaper she spreads so strategically in our pen! 

Unfortunatelly...we do this at night, too, before we go to night sleep.  Just as Dottie and Joe get to relax...and get their feet up!  It only takes us about twenty minutes to ruffel up the papers and make a nest!  Joe just turns up the volume on the TV 'till we're done!  What a great guy!

You actually like green beans, Mat?  I only eat them because they're food.
Awwwww...somebody needs a Donk E kiss! 

You know, Mat...when you play and it hurts someone...they won't want to play with you again...and you'll be all alone.  And that's no all! 

But Solly...I can't help just happens!  It's gutta be a goat thing!  You and Donk E and Galahad just don't understand!  And neither do I!  I don't WANT to HURT...I just want to play!   And just happens!  I butt.

I feel bad for him...because I know how he feels.  I don't mean to hurt when I play with Donk E...I just get excited and then the adrenaline kicks in!  Before I know it...Donk E is walking away...and doesn't want to play with me.  Then I'm all alone.  With no one to play with.  It's not fun to have no one to play with. 
Yep...I use to be a bully...

But I've changed my ways!


I've been trying hard to be kind and considerate to others...

I've been trying so's becoming natural!

(lick lick lick...grovel grovel grovel...)

You believe me...dont ya?

(lick lick lick)

I IS hard to believe!  I probably wouldn't believe it were possible, either! 

Hey...Solly...Did she have any carrots on her?

I don't know, Donk E...I didn't ask...

Do you have carrots in your pocket?  I can smell them!

Come on...give it up!

knew you were holding out on me!
Hey...what about me?
Cool!  I didn't think you'd forget me!

Bye Solly...I'm heading in with Dottie.  Thanks for understanding something I don't even understand.

That's okay, Mat...been there...done that!  You'll grow out of it!  You're right, IS a goat thing!   Bart use to butt me when I kept picking on him.  And he was a goat!  And I deserved it...

See you later, okay, Mat?

Look at him, Donk E...he looks so sad...he thinks your still mad at him for butting you.

Well... it really hurt, Galahad!  He got me right on the kisser! 

Well, Donk E...think about how we played when we were kids...he's a kid!  


Those guys are so good...and I feel so bad!

I didn't want to hurt Donk E...I didn't even know I did it...Till it was done.  It was that fast.

I really have to get this "butt" thing out of my head!

I wonder if it's because I just got neutered?

Is it my turn, now...for some quality time?

It takes me 4 seconds to get dressed now!  I'm doing excellent with the leash, too!  I understand it's so simple!   Just walk with Dottie!  Cool...I can do that!
Ah ha!  She put an obstacle in front of me!  I was going to go over it...but she's asking me to go around it by putting pressure on my leash!
Yup!  Whatever...walk walk walk!
We walk around all different stuff!
Now... I don't even need to feel the leash... to know which way to go!  I just follow Dottie!  She said I did very, very good! 
Time to take a break!  Well...for us, anyway!  Dottie has to vacuume the mess!  The vacuume doesn't bother us...we're use to it...she does it at least 5 times a day!
We have a new game here!  It's called...Which basket is the treat under! 

My sence of smell is so powerful...that I can find things to eat at least 6 inches underground!  So finding a treat under a wicker basket is way to easy!  I know it's not in these two!

Finding them was one thing!  Flipping the basket over to get to them was a little bit of a challange!  But I got them!  There you pretties!  Come to momma!

She better come up with more challenging stuff to keep ME entertained!

Make way...make way!  Excuse me...need to use the potty!

Can I have a turn finding the treats while Piggys busy?

Let me it under this one?

When ya gutta gutta go!  I can't use the ramp because my feet slide...and my belly I use the litter box on the front porch.  It's a good compromise  because I do not like to poo in the house box! 

 Unless I really... really... had to!  And that's a good thing!

So...I walk out here...check things out... my you mind?  How 'bout a little privacy, here!

Well...I'm at the door waiting to go in!  Too bad you couldn't hear me grunt.  I have a whole bunch of tones that tell what I'm saying!  Dottie has a bunch too!   We match tones sometimes...just playing around!  Like the excited tone...that's real high and squeaky.  Like when she's jiggeling my jowels and telling a squeaky tone..."you are the prettiest little Piggy I ever met!  You are just sooooo beautiful!  As she says that...I use her same tones and tell her..."Yes I am...I'm the cutest!... love love love love"! 
 A low grunt grunt grunt means...where are you?  I do this as I walk around the house looking for her!  Now...a loud grunt grunt grunt the door...I have to go out!  And if I add a squeal squeal to the end of it...that means.. hurry up!  I'm not kidding!
Then there's the good girl and bad girl tones.  Definately know those two apart!  I go for the good girls, myself!   And her words "ho" and "no" sound alot if I hear either one...I stop and look at her...then she tells me what she wants me to do!

I had to wear my sweater this morning because it was soooo cold! 

I have to run across the driveway...well...sometimes...I hop, skip and jump like a spring!
Now I have to run up this hill and I'm almost there!

Hi Donk E!  I'm back!

Hi Mat!  Hey buddy...what's this with the sweater?  How's your fur gonna grow fuzzy if you wear a sweater?

Dottie said I have to wear it till it warms up a little.  It's really cold, this morning!

Hi Romeo!

Hi Bunny!'ve been busy!

Romeo...did you know that the whole bottom of our home has wire... like this... under all the dirt?

Trust me...I do!

Aw...come on...don't take the kid in...
Let him stay here with us while you go play with the pig!

We'll keep an eye on him!  I'll keep both eyes on him!  He He He!

Dottie just said I looked like a troll doll!

But I don't want to go in and take a nap...I want to play with the Big Boys!

I'm.....gonna....get....your feet!

No No...not my feet!  giggle giggle giggle

Pa...leeze...let me stay and play?
I can stay!  I can play!
Ha!  I'm gonna get you now, Donk E!

Someones calling me!

Hey!    It's Romeo! 

I was just wondering, Mat...hows you neuter?

Since I got neutered...this urge comes over me to head butt!

That doesn't sound good, Mat.  I don't think I want to get neutered...I dont want to butt heads with anybody!


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