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Look...Dottie!  I have a companion!
Now you don't have to find me a new home!  When I want company...all I have to do is stand over here...and there she is!  Isn't she the cutest little pig?  And ...the best part is...I don't have to worry about her eating my food!  Works for me!

Good Morning!  Piggy and I just woke up...and we need to go out to do our thing!  We'll be right back!

Piggy and I just finished our fruit and oatmeal!  Piggy eats in the pen...and I get to eat in the crate!  Otherwise Piggy would make a pig out of herself and eat my food too!  She can't help it...she IS a pig! 

 After we have breakfast...I get a half of bottle of milk...and Piggy starts to work bopping the food toy! 

Yes...I'm 3 months old...and still like my bottle!  I am just not ready to give it don't even go there!  I get only half a bottle, now...but it's warm!  I really like warm milk...expecially before I go out with Dottie to feed the big boys!  I like warm milk...when I come in, too!  It warms me up from the inside!
I have to wait in my pen for Dottie to come back...then WE get our "quality" time!  I get to take a rest after playing and bopping!  Dottie feeds the Big Boys and the bunnies and the chickens and the ducks and the pheasants! Then she goes back and makes sure everybody gets fresh water and snacks!  When that's done...she'll come back in and warm up by cleaning my pen...and then cleaning her pen! 

When I get outside, I maaaaaa out to Donk E and he "he haws" me back!  Then I go running over to him!

Hey guys!   It's me!

All I have to do is hop through the gate!  When I want to visit...I jump in!  And when I want to go back in the house to take a nap...all I have to do is hop out...go to the house...and knock on the door!  She'll let me in and I'll go into the pen...and take a nice long nap next to a very warm pig! 

Donk E told me the last goat...Bart...was the ambassadoor.  He, too, could come and go whenever he wanted to!  He said there's a magic door!  Donk E said he wanted to be the ambassadoor and greet people!  I told him...he can still be the ambassadoor!  I'll be the ambassagate!  Problem solved!

Mat...stop pulling on Galahads tail!  Come here and eat your hay!

But it's fluffy...and it tickles my face!

Donk something with the kid...will ya? 

Hey buddy...come here...

Mat...I told you before...if you want to be with the big have to remember...not to bother us untill we had our breakfast!  Then we'll play!

Well...gee...Donk E...I didn't think I was being a bother!  I just thought you guys might want to play!  Oh look!  A chicken!  Can we chase the chicken?

The kid has the attention span of a flea!
It's a cold one this morning...I'll tell you!

This is our electric water bowl!  It heats our water so it doesn't freeze!  The cord is wrapped with metal so we can't chew it!  Don't know why we would do that anyway...we have lots of branches if we need to chew!   Chewing branches keeps our teeth healthy!

I love her back massages in the morning!  It warms me right up....and it feels good, too!
Even though we have a heated water trough in the barn...we still get a fresh bucket of water for breakfast and dinner!
Can I get a sip too, Donk E?

When she's done feeding everybody outside...she comes in to spend time with me!

I can get my harness on in 6 seconds!  She lays it down and puts a piece of cashew in the middle!  As I chew that...she puts it over my head...then puts some pellets down and hooks around my belly before I know it! 

Then she kinda walks me around a little so I get use to it!  I just walk with her...she has the appricot pieces! 

Then she hooks the leash on me...and we walk around! 

When I feel a tug...I move toward her...and the tugging stops!  She says "Good Piggy Piggy Piggy"...

and then gives me a treat!

See?  I did good!
I like walking on the leash cuz it makes Dottie happy!  It makes me happy to make her happy!  Can you see my tail wagging?
We just keep walking around and around...this way and that!  I just go where she leads.  It works for us!

When she tells me "ho"...I stop...look at her...and get some pellets!  So now...whenever I hear "ho"...I stop and look at her!  And then I get a treat!  Works for me!

She's also teaching me the word "back"!  When she says back...I have to walk backwards till she says"good girl"!  I get a treat for that, too! 

We've been working together for half an hour now!
We walk this way...
Then we turn around and walk the other way!
She said "ho"!  So I stop and look at her!  I didn't get a treat this time...but I did get a "Good Girl" and a back scratch!  That means I did very good! 
Ha Ha!  She's trying to bribe me to walk on a different carpet! 
Oh sure!  Bribe me with pig pellets!  It's working! (She's very patient!)

After 45 minutes of leash training...she took my harness off and gave me a body rub and shoulder masage!  How good is that!

Now we get to see what I like to eat the best!  We have a choice here!   Bananas on the right...romaine lettus in the middle...and green beans on the left!   Hmmmmm...yum yum yum!

That was easy!  I love bananas!

Romaine lettus!  Oh ya!
Oh!  This is very good!  Very good indeed!
Green beans...yeck!
Hmmmmmmm....any bananas left?  Maybe under here?

Oh beans it is!'s still food!

Hey!  I'm a pig!  Ha Ha Snort!

After I get my ears rubbed...I have to go back into my pen to take a rest!  That was alot of work!  Now Dottie has to go out and do the "yard chores"!  Or as the big boys call service!
He's been good!  I'm just letting him lick the salt from my food tray!
See?  I'm sharing...too!
Mat, buddy...chill out and eat your hay before Solly gets it all!
Donk E...this urge comes over me to push my head against something...I can't help myself....
Stop playing and eat your hay!  Good boy!
Hey!  Ouch!  Mat...that hurt!

No fair taking a running start!  That was a butt!  It hurt!

If you want to play rough...go play by yourself!

Well...gee Donk didn't have to nip my ear! 

Boy!  Does that sound familiar!

The kids a Mini Me!

I like it when she rubs my forehead and between my ears!  It's relaxing!
I'll stop eating just to get the lovings!

Hi!!!  It's me!  Busy Busy Bunny!  I have been a digging fool since I've been here!  I'm digging tunnels...and dens...and I have a great room filled with soft hay and lined with bunny fur!  I couldn't dig like this in the house...this is great!

Look out!  The stuff is flying!

It sure looks cold out there!  Hey...any of you want to go outside and get some sun shine?

Na ah!  Too cold for us! 

It's too cold for us...too!

What are you guys?  Chickens?

Well...Da!  What do YOU think!

Do I have to go in now?  Can't I stay out here and play with the Big Boys?

Let him stay here with us!  We'll keep an eye on him!  You can trust us with the kid!   (he- he- he!)


Hey's some hay for you!

See?  I'm sharing!

I like eating with the Big Boys!  It makes me feel like I'm big, too!

You hurt my ear, Donk E...

You hurt my nose when you butted me, Mat!  My nose is very sensitive! is my ear, Donk E!  If hurting is wrong...why would you hurt me back?

We got cold feet...litterally!  So Dottie spread some hay around to keep our feet warm!

She ended up giving half of us away because she felt we were too many for our area.  Her hope was to build us a beautiful stone pond with a rock waterfall...but the autum came and went!  She was too busy building houses for the pig!  But she said she'd start the stonework in the spring, when the weather turns nice!

Time for a quick snack!  I get a little bit of!  That way I'm never really hungry!

This is the stump of a head of romain lettuce...chopped up into itty bitty pieces!  Mmmmm...yum!

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