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Hey!   There's a goat in the water bucket...and he's looking at me!

That's you...Mat!  It's your reflection! 

Hey walking up to visit the girls?  I'll walk with you!

Speaking about visiting the girls...when do you think I can visit them? 

After I get neutered in the spring?  Oh...okay...sounds good to me!

Hey Dottie...what's neutered?

Solly....stop hogging the hay pile!

Hey you guys...this pile is mine!'re being greedy!  Sharing is good...remember?

Our friend Gill came by for a visit today, and he brought his Grandson!  He got to feed me my bottle!  Yes...I still want my bottle...yes...I've been told I have to give it up!  But you know what...I'm just not ready yet!
He wasss even brave enough to try ME on for ssssize!  Thisss isss hisss first time touching a sssnake...and look!  Too bad Grampa was to scared to touch me!  Oh well...  It's not easy being a snake...most people are afraid of me....and they didn't even want to get to know me.  Dottie ssssaid it's kinda like gossssssip...They  judge me by what they head or believe to be true...insssstead of getting to know me firsssst.  I give a really good neck massssage on thossse daysss you might be a little tensssse!

We stopped by to visit our friend Terry, in Lowell!  Her landlords Mom was visiting from Florida!  She was outside taking pictures of Piggy and me.  Once Dottie and Terry got us all settled in...they set up a chair in front of the Tree,  got us all dressed up...then invited her over (from next door) to really meet us! 

Terry used Grandmas camera to take the pictures of her with us!  It's one thing to say you met the cutest ever...pig and goat...but to have you in the picture, priceless!  Now when she goes home...she'll have a story to tell...and the photos to prove it!  Making someone happy...I like it!
Piggy's hogging all the lovings, Grandma...I want lovings too!

We are just so lovable!  We got all kinds of lovings...and Piggy got her Belly rubbed!  She didn't want to move! 

Snort snort snort...sigh....I could get use to this! 

Our friend Steven came over to visit us!  He asked me what I wanted for Christmas...I told bottle!

Now it's Joeys turn to feed me!  Everybody had to take a turn!  This is my good night bottle...I have to go to bed soon...tomorrow's another busy will be Christmas Eve...and we're going to visit Grandma and Grandpa!

Steven and I got to snuggle for a bit as we watched TV!  What do you think of my antlers?  Dottie has a pair just like them!
Grandma had to entertain me while Dottie got our room ready!   It took her three days to pack up the truck!  She had to pack our pen, and tarp, Piggys litter box and pine shavings, hay and oak leaves, toys and blankets, newspapers, food and water and snacks, leashes, Piggys harnes and my collar, and of course...our costumes! 
Wayne Jr. and Grampa brought me outside so I can do my "thing"!  I'm learning how to be a good visiting goat!  I can't really be house broke like Piggy...but if I get to go outside for a walk...often enough...odds are pretty good ...if you take me to the same spot...I'll know what to do!  It helps when everybody claps and tells me I'm a good boy!  I know I'm doing something right!
Wayne Jr. Is a great uncle!  He goes to college at Boston University!  He's a computer whiz!  He said we have a lot of kids there who love our site!  They asked how Dottie does it...and he says...when you get to meet them...that's who they are!  So we have a new fan club!  Go B.U.!
Grampa and cousin Nick let me stand in front of their Christmas Tree.  It was so pretty all lit up!  We didn't get to put up a tree at home this year...because Piggy and I would have knocked it over and eaten it.  Instead...they brought in some pine branches and oak that we could eat them, instead!  Besides...with us in the house...there's no room for a tree!  Just have to wait till next year!

 Wayne Jr. is keeping me busy while Dottie's packing up the truck...again!  And when we get home...she has to unpack and set us up again!'m so glad I'm a goat!

As soon as we got back home...Dottie and Joe took us all for a woods walk!  Piggy had to stay home.  She won't be able to go on a woods walk till the spring!  By then she'll be halter trained!  Hey Solly...looks like you found a good spot!  Mind if I join you?
Hey...Donk E...Good spot over here!

Here's a good spot too, Mat! better behave yourself!

Don't worry about me, Donk...I'm too busy eating!  Besides...I like the little guy! 

I know what you mean!  This fresh stuff is very good! be careful! be nice!

What did you find over here, Solly?  Mmmmm...nice and tender!  Don't mind if I do!

I can't believe Mat will just "butt" in and help himself!  To be so young and innocent!  I remember when I was a baby...everybody always pushed me around!  I was the only mini horse...all the others were giants...compared to me.  It was scarey!  And when I tried to act tough...they all laughed at me...and pushed me around even more.  I remember how that hurt.

When I came here...I was the "Big Boy",  and I got to push these guys around...and tell them what to do!  Because that's what I was taught to do...that was normal!  But I finally realized...with Mat, here...that being nice is a good thing to be.  Why...this little guy just wants to be my friend!  I think I love him, too!  Even though he eats hay...I love the little bugga!  Go figure!

I don't want to be a bully anymore!  That's MY new years promise...I'll try harder to be nice!  Well...harder than I was trying before!

Wish I could get off this leash and go for a run...sigh...

Yee - Ha !

Race you to the top of the hill, Donk E!!

Ye Haw!   Ye Haw!  You're on...Solly!

Once we hear Dottie yell "turn around"...we stop short and run back towards her.  We have to stop and get touched by her before we get a treat.  That way...if she needs to hold us...she can. 

Sometimes...we don't even wait for her to tell us!  We use her as the finish line!

When Dottie says "go play"  they get to run off and chase eachother!  Once they hear her say "turn around"...that's what they do!  It's their "compromise"!  They behave...they get to run free...

Me?  I'm on the leash most of the time.  I would just wander into the woods looking for pine brush, listen to the birds...feel the wind push against my fur...stuff like that!  But then Solly and Donk E would follow me and we would all just run run run!  If at least one of us is on a leash...we pretty much stay together!

One of the games they play with Dottie and Joe is "Gottchya"!  As they run buy...Dottie and Joe try to touch them.  If they do....they get the point!  The Boys are being good though...not running close to us because Mat and I are both on a leash!
Ha Ha!  You missed me!
What a beautiful day!  It sure is pretty out here!  Fresh coat of snow does that!  And once the snow comes...the bugs go!  That's the best part!
We better get off the trail for this one!  They mean business!
I had to go on the leash when Solly got to get off it!  Those guys just fly by!  I can't wait till I grow up!
Look out, Joe!  I'm coming in!
Hey...Joe Buddy...why not let Galahad off the leash?

Ya!  Come on, Joe...let Galahad off the leash so that he can run, too!

I'll be good Joe!  Please let me off the leash? 

 It will be my turn to run the next time we walk?  Promise?

Don't feel bad, Galahad...I have to be on a leash, too!  I wish I could run with the big boys!  You get to run the next time we go out!  I have to wait till I grow up!  That will take forever!
It's for your own protection, Mat!  We don't want you to get hurt...that's all!

Solly...please let me run with you!

We can't, kid...we don't want you to get hurt!  You're still to small...we wouldn't even see you!

Donk E...I can run know that!

But Mat...if you get's gonna hurt!  When you grow bigger...then you can run with us!

Everybody tells me I'll too little.  Wait till I grow up!

Don't they realize that I'm a Pygmy Goat...and it's never gonna happen?  Growing big like them?  I'll always be "little"!

I really feel bad for Mat, cuz I know what he's going through!  That must be the diffeence between "compassion" and "empathy"!  Compassion is when you understand what someone is going through...and empathy is when you went through it yourself, so you know how it feels!  Wow!  I'm getting deep here!

We're heading home, now!  Hey you guys...wait up!

This isn't quite what I ment when I said let Galahad run free off the leash!  We'd rather be in the woods!

Gutta go...Gutta go...Gutta go!

I like when I get to play outside!  I get to run and jump....and I can turn on a dime!  Bet cha didn't know pigs like to run?  I'm pretty fast when I want to be!
Piggy!  You're telling us everytime you go poo get some grain?

Ha ha!  Hey ...I'll poo for grain!

Hey Piggy...Where's Mat?

Dotties getting him ready for a trip to the vets!  He's getting neutered today!

Oh...that poor kid!  Getting neutered. 

That makes all of us! 

Hey...wait a minute, guys...I'm not neutered! 


Yep...I got neutered today.  It was not fun.  Then I had to get a shot so it wouldn't hurt.  I got that after they were done.  Was not a happy camper!  Then to top it off...the made me a pin cusion with all those vaccines I had to get!  All I want to do eat!  I'm not supose to run around...they don't have to worry about that!

You just got neutered, Mat?  Dottie said I have to get neutered before I go in to visit the girls!  I agreed!

What did I agree to?

Don't even think about it, Mat!  Take a nice big pile of hay and just chew away!  It will get your mind off it!

I think I just want to take a nap and sleep it off.  The hay is fluffed, and Piggy's warm!  I want my bottle!

Mat...quit the whining!  We all get neutered, here!  It makes us a healthier critter!  You'll feel better tomorrow!  Or the next day!
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