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December 14 - 21     Page 49

Ho Ho Ho!  How 'bout a little kiss for the holidays!
I like the red should use that!  Do you think Santa will bring me some carrots?
Yes!  Pigs are smart!  I learned how to use my nose to flip the lid off the food bucket!  Lets hope Dottie isn't so smart as to put it where I can't get to it!
This is my new water bowl!  We had to get a bigger one because I drink over a gallon of water a day!  That's normal for a Pot Belly Pig!
And because what goes in must come out....check out my new litter box!  Dottie got the biggest cement trough she could find because I overshot the little one!  She also switched from kitty litter to pine shavings!  I like the shavings way better!  Not only does it "asorb" more...but it won't clump in my belly if I eat some by mistake!  Plus it doesn't get into the carpet like the clay did!
Piggy...Do I have dirt behind my ears?
Piggy is a clean freak!  If we have even a speck of dirt on us...she gives us a tounge bath!  We just sit still till she's done!

All done Bunny!

Thanks Piggy...I feel better all ready!

Piggy will give me my bath once I'm done with dinner!
I got dressed up for dinner!
I really like being a house bunny...and I really like being with the house cats...but I miss being outside...and I miss being with the other bunny!  You're no bunny 'till somebunny loves you!
Hey Mat!  I missed you!
What's that on your back, Mat?
It's my new sweater!  Dottie puts it on me so I can go outside.  It's way to cold for me...I'm just a kid!  She said next year I'll have thick fuzzy fur just like you guys, and I won't need a sweater!
Now that I'm eating grain...Dottie has to feed me up Piggy doesn't hog my food!
Dottie puts my food in this thing!  As I knock it around...some of my pellets come out...and I eat them up!  This gives me the exercise I need, believe me!  I push this thing around with gusto!  And I find and eat every little crumb!
Diane came by tonight to play with me!  I'm her best kid! 
Here we go again with the cheek pinching!  It's tough to be so cute!
Ya Ya Ya!  I know I'm cute!  Everybody tells me!
I love my big green pillow!
I'm teaching Mat to drink water so he can give up his bottle! 
The more you bop this thing...the more food comes out!  I chase this thing all over the room!
Ha Ha!  How about a Piggy kiss now!  When I get excited eating...I foam at the mouth!
Piggy can chase that thing around...but me?  I still want my bottle!  I love my bottle!  Everyone wants me to give it up!  They say I'm growing up...but if that means I have to give up my bottle...then I want to stay a kid!
Like my antlers?

Ha ha ha!  Look at you...Mr. Reindeer!


Who's laughing now, Donk E?  With those don't even need antlers!
Aw...come I really have to wear these?
They look better on me!  Don't ya think?

Now...these I like!  Can I keep 'em?


The things we do for love!
These are the ones that I like!  Santa brings us carrots and apples!
If you think they're so cute...why aren't you wearing them?   Hmmmm?
Michelles Grandaughter is giving me my bottle!  I must be getting bigger, because I don't fit on laps like I use to! 
Hi Michelle! I'm Miss Piggy! have a cashew for me!  I love cashews!
Say cheese?  I love cheese!  Do you have cheese, too?

I just want lovings!

Snort you happen to have an appricot on you?

I remember you Michelle!  We went for woods walks last winter!  It's good to see you again!  Oh!  You brought carrots for us!  You're so sweet!
Thank you for thinking about me, Mike!  I get left out being in here all by myself!
Oh ya, think you can hop high?  Well...check this out!
Do you have any cherios?
You've got cherios?
Why am I in here?  Well...I want all the attention!  I tend to push the others out of the way to get'd eat all their food, too...hey look...that doesn't make me a bad horse...does it?
I knew you'd understand!  She'll let me out when she brings the goat in.  She's afraid I could step on him or something.  I think it's the "or something" she's really worried about!
Hey Mike...down here!  Everyone forgets about me cuz I'm so small!  I need lovings, too!
If I stand up on this...I'm not small anymore!  Hey...this is Dotties rock thing!  Cool!
Mat and I like to play hide and seek!  Oh Mat...where are you?
Where did he go this time?
Peek - a - Boo!  I see you!

I gave up my bunny pad to the new girl bunny!  She said her name was Bunny Bunny Bunny!  Now she can get to meet the other girls, and they can all get to know eachother!  Once they accept eachother...Dottie will let her stay in the girls house with them, then I'll get my place back!   

Right now I'm in Piggys third house.  By the time Dottie got it right...the weather got too cold , too fast, for her to acclimate (get use to)!  So Piggy gets to live in the house!   At least till the spring!

Hi!  This is my new home...for a little bit!  I get to talk with the girls, here!  They said I have funny ears! me....their ears look kinda strange, standing up and all!  But I wouldn't tell 'em that...cuz I don't want to make them feel bad!  Romeo's kinda cool!  He keeps running back and forth!  He's all excited that I'm not a house bunny anymore!
I can't get you from here, Donk E...come on...let me get you from here!

Can ya get me now, Mat?

Donk E?  I love you!

I love you too, Mat!  You're the best little goat there is!  I'm glad you're mine!

I'm glad too, Donk E!

Hey Mat!  Wanna get Dottie going?  Help me push over the poo cart!
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