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I just came in from playing with the Big Boys!  Nothing like a warm bottle to warm up my tummy! know what?  I'd like to go visit the Stiles!  Come on...let's go visit!
Diane is always happy when she sees me walk through the door!

Mike is helping me with my training!  I give my paw, stand on my hind feet, walk forward and backward, and now I can turn in a circle ...all on my hind feet!  For each command...she tells me good boy!  Expecially when I do a compound trick...that's one where I have to do two or more things in a up pretty, good boy, walk forward, good boy, walk back, good boy, turn, good boy!  And when I'm all done...she tells me excellent!  And then gives me a treat!

Diane is too easy!  She lets me cheat, and treats me anyway...Dottie won't do that!  If I don't do the trick...I don't get the treat!
I have to say goodbye, now....time to go home and take my nap!  She doesn't want me to go!
Even though I go outside to play with the boys...I like coming in to snuggle with Piggy!  Notice my head?  I had to go back to the vet to make sure my horns weren't growing back in!  They had to shave my head again just to make sure!  I am SO glad that the last time worked...I am officially hornless!  Yeah!!!

Hey Mat!  You're back!

And I'm hungry...too!   Munch munch munch...  I can't have my lunch I have to fill my tummy with hay!  And drink water...YECK!  I miss my bottle!

Ya, but want to grow up big and strong...don't you?

I'm never gonna grow up to be BIG, Donk E.  I'm never gonna get to run with the big boys...

Whoa buddy...As soon as you're ready...we'll let you know!  I would say by spring!  Once the winter ends...spring happens...ahhhhh ... fresh, baby green stuff....mmmmmmm....just thinking about that makes me happy!  Come your hay!

Still wearing that silly sweater, Mat?

Look who's talking...Mr. Permanent Feet Pajamas!

Hi Mat!  Hey Buddy!  ( I'm making sure not to call him little!)

I got a "good boy" and a head scratch for that?!!  I wasn't even thinking about being just came out!  That must be how my heart feels!  I have a heart!  Wow...
I'm a good boy, too...I'm your best Donk E!
Oh...Ya....Head rub...I'm the best!
Dottie always says...a miracle is a prayer answered!  She prayed alot for this moment!

Do you see that!  They're all eating together!

It truely is...a miracle!

I'm being I'm not even trying!  I think I grew a heart! 
I heard you tell Mike you put me in the Want Ad...please don't sell me...I don't want to go to a new home...I like this one...

I stopped being bossy...I'm sharing my food....and I like the kid!  I promise that for the New Year...I'll be good...okay? 

Well...if someone did come along ... I can get all the food and attention... I'd consider it...maybe...but I'll pray that they don't! Ha!

Potty time!   ...Did you know Dottie put me in the Want Ad today?  She's hoping that someone out there might want a companion for their pig.  That way I have a playmate.  She's afraid she can't give me all the things I need to keep me healthy...and happy!  I think she's done good so far!   But a piggy playmate sounds pretty good, too!  

 I won't ever be able to play with the big boys, like Mat does.  The thought of that made Dottie sad.  She said if you love something...and someone can love it need to let go...and go on.  And she really loves me!  That's why it would be to only someone very special.  I'm not afraid, though...she said that to Wrex a long time ago...and he's STILL here!

Oh well...and life goes on!  No use sweating the little stuff...cuz pigs don't sweat!  That's a fact!

We did sweat the big stuff finally finding a vet that would work with a Pot Belly Pig!  I go for a well visit and for all my shots on January 18.  The Vet charges $150 an hour for her professional fee... and extra for the vaccines.  So please... take that into consideration... if you're thinking about getting a pot belly pig! 

Dottie shared her rocks with me!  I get to push them around with my nose!  Once in awhile...I'll find a pellet under them!
I get to roll logs around too!  I would do that in the wild!  She'll sprinkle some pellets around and I roll the log out of the way to find them!  Good neck and shoulder workout!
Sometimes she throws me a challange to figure a piece of apple in a paper appricot in a box in another box....this here...I have to open the lid to get the treat!
It's really not hard...but it's something different...and that's exciting!  Plus...there's a treat inside!  That's exciting, too!
Once I get it open...there's a cashew on the top...and an appricot in the bottom!  I guess it's fun to watch me work at getting them out...cuz it keeps Dottie laughing!
We're working on my harness training now that I'm going to the vet...and Dottie can't carry me like she use to!  Now...when I come out to play...I have to put on my harness.  It goes over my head...I didn't like that!  At all!  So...Dottie put it put an appricot piece right in the middle!  I couldn't get my face in there fast enough...and before I knew it....she had it over my head!  Then...she had to slip it under my belly and snap it!  My neck and my tummy are the most sensitive spots on me!  So what did she do?  She started to rub my belly...and over I went!  I do love my belly rubbed!  So now I get to walk around in it!  It helps that she sprinkled pig pellets around for me to find...don't even feel the harness!

And what is this?

A leash?.....

I'm walking on a leash!  I'm going where I want to it's not a problem!  Don't even know it's on me!  She's telling me good Piggy Piggy Piggy, and dropping a pig pellet or two along the I'm really following her! 
We were doing good...till I felt a little resistance...then I started to squeal and I wanted to run into my pen to get safe!
Not fair!  She waved a piece of appricot under my nose...said Piggy Piggy Piggy...and I ran right over to her! 
Then I got to walk her around as she tossed some pellets on the floor!  I had to find them!  I liked that...till I felt her tug me a little...

All I felt was something pressing my neck and tummy...and I panicked!  I backed myself right into the corner!  I was really scared not knowing what was going on.......

As soon as I started to panic...she gave me some slack...and then she called Piggy Piggy Piggy!  I know that means a piece of I ran right over to her!  She gave me lovings...a back scratch...and a cashew!  She told me excellent!  Then I know I did really good!

We walked around for a while.  As we walked...she'd say good piggy...come...good piggy...and drop a pellet now and then!  When I felt her tug...I'd just walk toward her...and the tugging stopped!  And I got a treat for that!

Now I'm even walking on different floors!  That was easy!  But we have to do that twice a day...every single day!  When I come out of my pen...we slip the harness on me...and it's off to play!  It's a GOOD thing!
Dottie has me play with the leash down because I have to get use to the feel of it under case my leg gets wrapped.  I'm use to getting my feet that's a good thing!
Now I graduated to playing on the leash...which is tough...because...I want to go where the food is....and she wants me to come to her!  That's the real test of love, if you ask me!  But I do it...and she squeals with delight and says "What a Good Little Piggy Piggy Piggy!"  It's wierd to hear a human squeal!  Nothing like a pig!  Ha Ha!

When we're done "training"...she takes the leash of...scratches my back...rubs my ears and tells me to go play!  So I get to chase my food toy around!  I still wear my harness and I don't even know it.  When Dottie takes it's time to go back into the pen and take a rest!  That was a lot of work!  Almost 45 minutes!  Mat has an attention span of about 3 seconds, and he walks on a leash like it was normal! 

First thing in the morning...Piggy and I go outside to do our thing...and Dotties cleans our pen for us.  When we come in...Piggy and I get oatmeal and fruit!  Then Dottie gives me only half a bottle of warm milk now...
If it's really really cold out...I have to put my sweater on!
Now we're ready to go visit the big boys...and get THEM breakfast! 

When Donk E hears us coming he calls out for us to hurry up!  I get to race Dottie to the barn!

Galahad......any cherios left?   There's nothing left!  You ate it all!

Well what did you expect?  It was my breakfast!  You can help yourself to what's left!

I meet Dottie in the barn...and then we'll walk up to visit the girl bunnies!  Quick sip of water  while I wait for her to finish up here!
I asked Mat about getting neutered...

...I don't want to get neutered...


Don't nip at the kid Solly...

Well... keep him out of my hay pile then, Donk know I'm a serious eater...and breakfast is my most important meal...and lunch...and dinner too!

Come on buddy...turn around...come have breakfast with Galahad and me up on the hill!
Come on...get up there...
You need to learn not to bother Solly till his tummy's full!  He's a real serious eater!  His hay pile is the most important thing to him!
Someone has to look after the kid...he just wants to play!  Solly will join us when his pile is finish whatever we have left!
Can Mat stay with us till you get your chores done?  I'll keep an eye on him!  Please???

You can stay...but you have to be good!

Thanks Donk E...I love you!

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