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Mat and Donk Es' First Woods Walk

Come on, Mat...we're going on a woods walk!
I really miss the woods walks!  We have to stay in the pen for hunting season!  It's almost over, though!  We're just going for a short walk, so I can show the little guy around!
I'm coming Donk E...wait for me! 
I'm waiting!  The little guy has little legs!  And the snow's almost as deep as he is tall!

Donk E...what happened to all the green stuff...and the oak leaves that were all over the ground?

This is winter, now, Mat...we get snow...lots of snow!

Here's some oak leaves for ya, buddy!
Here's some green stuff for you!  It's just have to look a little harder, that's all!
Oh!  There's some green stuff...over there!  Boy...this snow is pretty deep!
I like the green stuff...But eating it makes my nose cold!
That's okay,'s nice and fresh!  Can't get it any fresher than this!
Come on over here, Mat!
Here I come!  What did you find, Donk E?  More green stuff?
Where'd he go?  Mat?  Sniff...he went this way!
Can you pick me up, Dottie...My feet are cold...and I want my bottle!
If you're getting cold, can warm up by running!  Come on...get going!  I'm...gonna...get you!

I'm running...I'm running!

Faster, Mat! 


Are you warm yet?

I'm getting there!  It feels good to run like this!

Did you hear that?

I didn't hear anything...I'm too busy itching my head!  My horns are healing and they're itchy!

Come on, Mat!  Let's go check it out!

Not me!  I'm going this way!

Ha Ha...Donk E!  Come and get me if you can!
Come on, Donk faster!  Yeah...I feel like I'm flying!
Donk E...all that running made me hungry!  Can we eat now?
Sure, kid! Follow me...there's some good stuff over here!

Hay Donk E...this looks good!

There's more over here, Mat!

Naaaa...I'm happy here!
Hey you guys...can we go back now? 
Munch munch munch munch...I really worked up an appetite out there in the woods!
That was a nice walk!  And to end it with an ear rub?  Even better!
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