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Mat and Donk E Bonding

(It's a beautiful thing!)

You are just the cutest thing, Mat!

Oh ya?  Think I'm "cute"!  Take that!   Ha ha!

I'm gonna get your feet, Donk E!


Mat gets to come out to play with me off and on during the day!  I give him a little nudge...and he starts to run...then I get to chase him!
Then he gets up on his hind feet and trys to butt me!  I love when he does this!  He's so cute!
And then we rub noses!
Then I lead him up to the back barn to eat some fresh hay!
Where he's still on his bottle...I'm teaching him how to eat the hay!  Piggy doesn't eat it like we do!  So someone has to teach him!
Make sure you chew it really good, Mat!

Listen, little guy...this pile of hay is mine! be nice to him...or you answer to me!

Come on, Mat...let's go play down there while Solly eats...okay?
Now that I'm a big brother...I grew courage!  I kind of protect the little bugger and make sure he doesn't get hurt!

Now that I stand up to Solly...he hasn't been so bad!

Phffft to Solly!

This little guy stole my heart!
I like to mess with Donk Es fur!  It's thick and fuzzy!  And tickles my nose!
I like to nuzzle his ears because they're big... and fuzzy, too!

I love you, Donk E!

I love you back, Mat!

He is the sweetest!  Can I keep him?
Okay run run!


Oh no your're not!  I'm faster than you, Donk E!

Ha! Ha!  Take that big ole Donk E!
I'm even bigger then you!  (when I'm standing up on my hind legs!)
Mess with the Kid...will ya?
Ya?  And what are YOU gonna do about it...little one?
Little one?  Little one?  Come on Donk E...put em up...put em up!
You gutta love him!  He's the bravest kid I know!
When Donk E and I chase eachother...I jump up into the hay bin!  Then we eat something...then run some more!  I love playing with Donk E!

Come on your hay...

But it taste like...hay, Donk E!

Hay is good for you, Mat!  Eating it will keep you warm!  It will help you grow big and strong...just like me!  Here...try this taste really good to me!
I'm eating hay...but I'd rather have my bottle...munch munch munch!
But the hay will fill your belly, Mat!  And this is really good hay!

You're geting to old to be drinking a bottle!

But I like my bottle, Galahad!  Expecially when it's's the best!  Even better then hay!

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