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November 29 - 30     Page 43

Can I sit on your lap, please?
Pretty please?

I like dinner time because Dottie and I get to have our quality time while the boys are busy eating.

Can I hide under here with you, Blonde Chick?  The hawk's flying over!

Hawk!       Hawk!

Every body hide!

Hawks eat chickens...and as "Rooster"...It's my job to keep everybody safe!

When ya gutta go....ya gutta go!
I've been holding the rug a good boy!  Can I have a dog cookie?

What are you doing in there, Bunny? Piggy would call it...I'm doing my thing!

Why don't you do your thing outside with Piggy?

I'm not allowed outside yet! bottle!  And I hungry!  I don't get them as often as I did...I'm getting weaned!  That means...when I start to get hungry...I have to eat my grain and hay first....THEN I get my bottle.  Dottie says that soon I won't even want one. that day is gonna happen!  Ha! forgot the cherios!
We get to check out Galahads feeder when he's done...just in case he left a crum or two!
My home is my castle! least for now!  I'll be going outside soon!  I can't wait!  Piggy and Mat are outside every day now...and I miss them!
Mat...stop sucking on my ear!  Go get your bottle!
Fresh pine branch!  Chewing on this is good for us...and it keeps us busy and out of trouble!
It tickles my nose when I eat it...but it's soooooo good!
But...I don't care if your a cat!  Your warm and furry....
Diane came ove to give me lovings!  I am the luckiest goat!  And I'm smart, too!

Dottie told her to ask me for my paw...

So I gave her my paw!

Then she had to ask me for my "other" I gave that one to her too!  She can't believe how smart I am!  It's not that I'm smart...even though I's just Dottie put a name to what comes naturally to now when she says it...I know what she means!
Bunny...don't you want your pine branch?  It's really good and fresh! makes my fur sticky!   You can have it!
Just go over to Piggy...she'll clean you up...she does me all the time!
Mmmmmmmm....paper towel! was a tree at one time!
Awww....come on....I'm a goat!
I'm getting sleepy....can I go in for my nap now?
Did someone say nap?   Mind if I join you? woke up in a good mood....what's up with you?
I'm even sharing the food!

He is!  He even let me have the good stuff!  Should you call the vet?

We're ready to go outside?  Oh goody!

Can I go outside too?  Well...when will I be ready?  I want to go too!

Nice fresh pile of hay!  How good is that!  Eating hay keeps us warm inside.  Plus...the bowl of warm oatmeal and apples that I had for breakfast was a real tummy warmer!
Look guys...she's up to something.....
What makes you say that?

She brought out her tool wagon!

When ever we see the tool wagon....somethings gonna happen!
There's Dottie...up on the deck!  Maybe she has carrots!
Do we get goodies for being good?
You're up to something!  What are you up to......?
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