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I've been such a good house Bunny, that I got some fresh carrots to munch on!
Dottie put cashews and appricots inside my that when I roll it to her...the goodies fall out...and I get to eat them!  When I get the ball to Dottie...she gives me an appricot!  When I roll the's kinda like rooting outside to find food! keeps me busy and gives me exercise!
After we play...I like to take a rest!  It's nice to get a tummy's so relaxing!
Hey...take my picture....or I won't let go of the camera!
I can untie Dotties boots!  Now I just have to learn how to untie a double knot!
I remember when she first started to scratch me...I was so scared!  Now...I realize how good it feels!  She said we've come a long way!
I didn't like my neck and chins touched, either....but now I realize how good THAT feels, too!
And I definately didn't like my feet touched!  But Dottie read on the internet the stress a pig goes through to get their nails she's heading that off at the pass!  She massarges my feet and rubs my toes!  It feels so good!  Soon...she'll get me use to the sound of a drummel, so that she will be able to "sand"them down a little at a time...instead of going to the vet to get it done if they get over grown!  She won't let that happen, though!

Why does Piggy made a bid deal out of getting her nails trimmed?  I get it done all the time!

Me, too!

Come on you guys...cut me some slack...It IS a big deal...if you're a pig!
Dottie said not to worry about it...that I've come a long way!  It's no big deal to them...because they're domesticated!  I'm a wild pig....who chooses to trust and learn!
That made me feel much better about myself!
Can you imagine that!   Me....wild?  Ha Ha Ha!

Come on, Bunny...wanna play?

I'm ready for a nap, Mat!

Look out!... I'm coming in!
I didn't get a chance to say what I was thankful for...  I'm thankful that I have these guys as my family!  They keep life fun!  It was something...getting use to Piggys snoring!'s more like snorting than snoring, really!  And then there's Mat, here...He's ok now that he stopped trying to nurse on my ear! 

Hey...Mat...hold still...

You have some stuff on your face...

How's my face...

do I have anything on it? me get behind your ears...

Zzzzzzzz burp....chomp chomp chomp chew chew gulp
zzzzzzzzzzzzz snort...snort...zzzzzzzzz grunt snort zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

See what I mean about the pig and the goat?  The pig snores!  The goat grinds his teeth in his sleep.  He says he's chewing a cud!  I guess a "cud" is the stuff he ate eariler, but it wasn't chewed enough to pass into the second stomache...he has 4!  He burps it up...then chews it again!  It's a goat thing!  Glad I'm a rabbit!  Ha Ha!

Ahhhhhhh...a cat nap...

Sounds like a good idea.......purrr

Ok...we're awake, now...

Is it time to eat?

Mmmmm ...  hay and oak leaves!

And a pine tree branch!  Oh goody!

Piggy had to go out to do her "thing"...and Mat went to keep her company...

I don't get to go out yet...I have to get a little bigger!  That's ok...I'm in no rush!  I like being the house Bunny!

Oooops...Donk E heard the door he knows we're out here!  When he calls to Dottie...boy is it loud! 
I'll just hang here and enjoy the sun till Piggy's ready to go in!

Piggys food taste better than this stuff...

but it's good for I have to eat it!  Besides...Dotie says it will make me big and strong...why would I want that?  I'm a bunny!  I want to be cute...and lovable!

I'm waiting for Joe to come home....Is that his truck that just pulled in?

Roll, Roll, Roll the I can get a treat...

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...

I think this is so neat!

Piggy....stop playing with the ball...and play with me!

Not now, Mat...I'm eating!


I'll just wait up here till you're ready, okay?
Stop everything!  Belly rub!  Oh ya!
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