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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Grandma and Grampa came up to visit us for the holiday!

We're thankful for that!

Someone just pulled up!

I wonder who it is?

It's Grandma and Grandpa!


Am I ever glad to see YOU!  Expecially with my bottle!
We're very thankful you came to visit us...and for giving us food and lovings!
You're laughing because I ride to the house in a wheelbarrel?  It works for me!  And Dottie, too!
Diane came over to spend time with her "Grand Kid"! 

I am SO thankful...

that I am SO loved!

With all this's time for a short rest! 

Ok...I rested...

Time to play!

I'm feeling a little left out, here...the little guy is hogging all the attention!


Grampa's feeding me my bottle!  That way...I get fed...and Wrex gets attention!

I'm a happy dog! 
Wo- hoo!  Did I scare Grandma or what!  Ha Ha!  All she saw was a flash of fur as I ran by!  She didn't get the chance to meet ME yet...I didn't get to go on the Halloween Adventure...I stayed home to be Joes Bunny!
Hey...I'd like some lovings, too!
Oh!  An ear rub!  I love to have my ears rubbed!
...and a head scratch!  I love my head scratched!
I'm showing Grandma and Grandpa how I sit for an apricot!

I'm a happy Pig!

I'm thankful that Dottie found me at the chicken swap!

Now I get to hog all the attention!

A little to the left, please! Ahhhhhhhh!  Right there!

Now that my belly's's time for a nap!

I got left overs!  Let me see....there's spagetti squash...oh I love spagetti squash, sweet potatos, turkey...apples...rolls....and homemade cranberry sause!  Very good!

I'm very thankful for food!

I'm very thankful for my bottle...
I'm full!  Can I lay on your lap for a nap, please?
Did I train her right or what!
I love you...Dottie!
I'm thankful that Dottie found me at the chicken swap, too!

I'm giving Grandma my paw...and the other one...and my paw...and the other one...

That's an easy trick...I do it really well!

This is the "Big Boys" snack!  We got cherrios, graham and carrot pieces...animal cookies...and sweet grain to top it all off!
Oh!  That smells really good!
Would you share your snack with me, Galahad?
Come on you guys...Dottie has a snack for us!
We get a mixture of chicken crumbles, cracked corn and egg layer pellets! 
It's all good!  And we're thankful for that!

Dottie...I finished mine...

Can I have some more, please?

I'd be extreamly thankful...if you let me in with the girls! really need to teach Dottie how to play the harmonica...

When she blows into the one you gave her...she hits all the flat notes...and it hurts my ears!

Oh...I know there's cherios in that cup....

I know that song...

You use to play that for Barrrt!

Can I try, Grampa?
These are really good!
I'm starting to eat grain now!  The bottle just ain't cutting it anymore!  I have to eat my grain away from Piggy...or she'll hog it all!
Well...what do you expect?  I'm a pig!
I got to watch Christmas movies with Grandma!
I like when the comercials come on!  I get to be the center of attention!  How lucky am I to have this much love?  I'm very thankful for love!
You better not start grooming me, Bunny...

Hey...Joe Buddy...

Forget the cat.....

Play with ME!


Spagetti squash guts!  This stuff is really good!  And good for me, too!

What IS this?


I'd rather have carrots!

I'd rather have apples...

I'd rather have an english muffin with strawberry jam!

Come on, with me!

You're new here!  I'm Wrex...the watch puppy....and you are?  Frenchie?

Hi...I'm Mat!  Wanna play?

He cant believe I'm a goat!  He can't believe I'm so cute!  He can't believe I live in the house!

He heard about us from his when Dottie met him at the store...she invited him to meet us for himself!  And he took her up on it!

Oh goody!  Someone new to give us lovings!

Hi Frenchie!  I'm Piggy Piggy Piggy!

He can't believe I'm a pig!  He can't believe I'm so cute!  He can't believe I'm so sweet and gentle!


Now he can't believe I need to go outside, to do my "Thing"!


Ha Ha!  Now he's a believer!
I really like this job of making people happy!  It's so fun!  It's so easy!  I'm thankful that I can make people smile, laugh and feel happy!!!
Yes!  I am loved!  You know how I know?  When they hold you and squeeze can feel the love!  And I send it right back...that'll get even more!  Dottie tells people...when they can't help but give me kisses...please don't kiss my ears!  The sound makes my ears ring.  She has them kiss behind my ear...that way it's not so loud!  I can't even say it's a human thing...cuz Piggy does it all the time!  Maybe it's because she's getting me back for using her ear as a pacifier?
Now he can't believe that I'm so smart!  I like this guy!  I think we made his day!
It makes US happy to make others happy!   Dottie says a Blessing isn't really a Blessing...untill you pass it along!  Happiness is a Blessing...and we're more than happy to share it!  We're thankful we can!
Because when you share a comes back to you even more than what you shared!  Dottie calls it Karma! 

Now he can't believe he's feeding me a bottle! think we made a believer out of him!  Dottie sent him home with pictures of him with he can show HIS friends!  He was thankful for that!  And Dottie was thankful he came to see it for himself!

The bags almost empty!  Gutta get them before their all gone!

Sherri!  Havn't seen you for awhile!  Always good to share time with you!  I didn't know you can speak llama!  Well....hmmmmmm right back at ya!

Yes!  I would like a carrot!  Thank you for asking!

Hi Sherri!  I'm Miss Piggy!  But you can call me Piggy Piggy Piggy for short!

I can tell you've done this before!

You have two "kids" of your own!

I can have experiance as a belly scratcher!

Sherri....when you're done with the pig...can I have a turn?

Never mind with the bottle....give us some grain!

Come here...and let me give you a Piggy kiss!

I love you, too, Sherri!

I'm thankful you came to visit!

Do you have to go home, now?

How bout feeding me my bottle one last time!  I'm getting weaned this is your last chance!

I love you Grandma!  I'm very thankful you came up to visit us!

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