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This is the new fence Dottie and Joe built for us!  We are way down in the front.  Then we eat our way up the hill!  This is great because we get to graze on all this green stuff, and Joe and Dottie won't have to mow the grass!  It's a win, win for all of us!  We even have our flowers in!  They're fake, but pretty!  Dottie hasn't had real flowers since Baaart came along 17 years ago!

I don't mind if Dottie plants flowers...they taste really good!  Want to hear a good one?  When Dottie and Joe got married, their friends had to snip the fake flowers to make bouquets for the flower girls!  When she was taking the flowers in for the winter...she noticed some of the flowers were missing!  She thought I ate them right off the stem!  Then she remembered where they went, and laughed!

Ben came back to visit!  And he brought his daughters too!  Boy did we get spoiled! Talk about lovings!  They are all critter lovers, and they had plenty of stories to share about their own!
Jan is getting one of my famous Donk E hugs!  Word is spreading fast, that I give the best hugs!  But you know what's even nicer?  When they hug you back!
It's nice to learn to trust because it makes people want to come up to you to feed you carrots!  Bens daughter is very trusting!  She spoke very sweetly to me, and before I knew it....we were friends! 

Let me try to don't like me because I'm bigger than you and I'm too smart?  What's wrong with this picture?  I'm a're a chicken!  Can't we just be friends?

I see Dottie with the camera!  Sollys too busy eating!  Since Solly has been on those flower essense drops that Phyllis made for him...he really mellowed out!  Now I get to pick on him!  Ha Ha!  Take that Solly!
OK...this isn't fair!  Why do I get this skinny little tail?  I have to use this tail like a baseball bat to whack those flying bugs.  Solly gets a swisher tail.  It's just not fair!  So I started standing next to him as he swishes because his tail works better than mine! 
This is Dottie and Joes Studio!  Dottie finished putting up all her pretty flowers!  She has to use fake flowers so we don't eat them!  She has quite the collection of driftwood that she keeps safe up on the wall!  They havn't had much time to play in there because we keep them too busy!  Besides, Dottie doesn't need her craft therapy anymore because she has us now!
This is the sign Dottie made for the studio.  Joe and Dottie spent hours out in the woods looking for the perfect birch trees with just the right shapes, to make this sign!  They have a nice sitting bench they got at the Boonsville logging show.  The right side is a bear with a fishing pole, and the other side is the fish!


She loves me...she loves me not...she loves me!  How can she not love me?  I'm just too cute!

I'm enjoying the morning keeping an eye on the boys!  Donk E has been giving it to Solly.  Now Solly can't eat in peace and the Donk is always picking on HIM!  What a change!  Sollys been on those flower essense drops for a week now, and he just went and mellowed out!  Now the Donk is giving him a taste of his own medicine! 
Ya, the Donks been getting really testy today, but I put him in his spot!  You don't mess with an old goat!  I'm still the boss here, and I just tell him to BUTT out!  Ha ha ha!  Maybe Dottie ought to give him some of those Solly drops!
With all this fresh grass growing...who has time to be mean?   Let's eat!  Sure...I mellowed out a little, and it's a big thing with everyone.  Now Donk E is feeling his oats!  I walk away from the little bugger, and he comes after me.  I just want to eat in peace.  Was I really that bad?
4/21   I am just a happy goat!  Catching the morning rays...full tummy, fresh hay! is good!
This is way to funny!  Everything that Solly has been doing to the Donk, he's getting back two fold!  Yep...Solly taught the Donk well!  It's about time the Donk get's to fight back some.  It's really funny to watch Donk E go at Solly!  Solly tries to eat or drink, and the Donk won't let him rest for a second! 
Come on you big want a piece of me??  Bring it on!
How does this feel!  And that!'s different when you're on the one getting bullied, hunh?

Come on Donk...

Give me a break!

You know, Donk E...I'm proud of you for finally sticking up for yourself, but don't forget who you are!  Our sweet and gentle Donk E.  You don't want to become what Solly was.  Just because he treated you like that...doesn't make it right!

Ok....let's make a deal....Quit picking on me, and I'll quit picking on you....OK?

The Blond Chick and I are hanging out by the garage, watching Dottie paint the trim for the house they'll be working on for the Rebuilding Together weekend!  She keeps shoeing us away from the paint bucket!  I'll just keep doing it 'till she puts the brush down and scratches my back.  Shouldn't take too long!

4/23   Let me show you why I eat my breakfast up here on the top of the hill!  This is what the morning is like.  It's like a round robin.  Once you get a good spot, you get chased off it.  Everybody shifts around the pile to get the good stuff!  All this happened in the first 5 minutes!  Dottie puts a pile of hay up here just for me!

Aw, come on you guys...can't you just ....get along?

Hey Donk,  I'm sorry I was so tough on you.  I'll be good....I promise!

Ha ha...Ya right!  Solly be good?  If you can believe that...I have a bridge in Clifton Park I can sell you!
4/24    We didn't get to go....but Dottie and Joe went to the train station to get Tara!  She's Dotties daughter, who came all the way from Iowa to volunteer for the Rebuilding Saratoga week end!  She also came to meet us for the first time! 
Tara works at Godiva Chocolates out in Iowa!  These are the chocolate outhouses she made for Joe and Dottie!  Arn't they beautiful!  What a thoughtfully delicious thing to give to a chocoholic! 
Tara really knows where to scratch!  Tara was only 13 when I came to live with them!  We were in the 4-H together!  I hadn't seen her for a year!  She hasn't even met the boys yet!  I guess I must of surprised her, because she said "you're still here"?  Of course I'm still here....they still have food left!
Oh ya!  A little to the left!  Back a little.....oh baby!  You can tell Tara's been around critters!  She knew just where to scratch!  She says I am so cute!  I love that!  I love her!
Tara made me so happy, I went and brought her the keys without even being asked too!  She was very impressed!  I think it made her love me even more...if that were possible!
OK, Donk...out of the way!  My turn now!
You have a carrot for me?  Thank you!  They way Donk E and Solly were hogging you...I didn't think you'd have any left for me! 
She loves me!  She has llamas back home on her farm in Iowa!  I knew she was a critter lover!  Just the way she approaches you and makes you feel comfortable!  I think I'm in love!  Yee- ha! turn now!  You really like my hair?  It just grows on me!  Wild?  Just like me!  Oh that feels good!

4/25   This is the Rebuilding Together Weekend, so Dottie didn't get to spend to much time with us today!  This is the home they worked on, and the wonderful crew they had working with them!  We critters didn't get to go, but Dottie and Joe invited everyone to come over for a visit!  We can't wait to meet them!

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