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April 12     Happy Hoppy!

I love these cute little chicks!  We have some eggs growing here on the farm!  You Know when one of the girls just laid an egg cuz they squack and cackle and make sure EVERYBODY knows about it!  I betcha even the geese across the road can hear them!  The little white chick, Maralin, took over the Blond Chicks' nest.  Poor Blond Chick.  Seems like the "other" chicks all pick on her...and she's just so nice and easy to get along with!  She usually just hangs with us "Big Guys".  Baaart and The Blonde Chick are the best of buds, but we love her too.  Can't understand why the little chickens pick on the big chicken.   Aren't they all....chickens?  We're not even chickens...and we love her!  Go figure!



I can't believe she's making me wear these things!  Let's start the egg hunt, will ya!  I want my carrots!  I was the only one who got to see where she hid the eggs!  And she thought I wasn't watching!  Not a new trick for this old goat! 
Ya-ya-ya, egg hunts aren't for me.  These boys get serious!  I'll just hang out and get the good choice hay, and let them fight it out!  Dotties too busy running around making sure they don't chomp the egg.  Donk E waits like a good boy, but that Solly!  Ever since Dottie made the mistake of hiding the carrot "inside" the egg...he just can't seem to think pass that.  Egg...crunch....carrot!  Hey...he's waiting!   Yep...he did good!  Ha...Good Donk E...he went over to Dottie for the carrot when he found an egg!   He's kinda glad she's staying with Solly!  Donk E knows where all the good spots are! 
This is gonna be good!  Dottie doesn't realize it yet...but even though she put me in the stall when she was hiding the eggs from Donk and me...I got to watch through a space between the boards!  I know her whole routine....go up the a right....up around the rock thing...and down to the barn.  Ya...I'll just hang out here.  Ahhhh!  Spring has sprung!
Mmmmmmmmm....I love bread!  French, Italian,english muffins bagels...I love 'em all!  This is a special treat for me.  Bread is soft and chewie..and good for you!  Sometimes I get left over french toast with maple syurp!  What's the best with that is I get to lick it off my face for the rest of the morning!
It's nice when Joe gets a chance to sit and relax.  Of course it's not for long.  He usually has goodies.  He makes sure every one get's their lovings and back scratches!
Ya...I just lay back and watch the crush!  When Joe's done with them....he'll come to me, and give me carrots!  What a beautiful morning!  Think I'll just catch a z or two while the boys are being entertained.
This is the rock pit area.  Dottie built a rock recliner chair to put her back back!  Now that Solly knows how to "Up Pretty"...he Up Prettys on everything he can.  He did it to the rock thing..and knocked a rock Dotie has to build a fence around it.  She made the fence from trees and branches that we like to munch on. 
Joe was checking out the rock lounger, and I got to tell him how much I love him.  I was whispering sweet give me carrots in his ear!  If you don't give me a carrot...I'll give you a wet willie!
Did you ever get to see a horse smile?  This is a smile of pure bliss!  Joe really gets the good spots!  oh...ya....a little to the left....ohhhhhhhhh
I feel like Jello.  Is this what's heaven's like?

Joe and Dottie went out in the woods to get some post and rails for a new fence.  I like the area inside the rock thing.  It's a safe spot to be when the boys start chasing eachother.  I'm keeping the entrance guarded.  I like this taste really really good!

First you gutta get a big bite then shake ALL the good stuff out of it...Then you go and eat the good stuff real quick before Solly gets it.  When he comes running over cuz he thinks my pile is bigger cuz I fluffed it....I run over to his and fluff his and eat his good stuff!  And they think he's the smart one!
The sun feels good on these old bones.  I have a nice thick bed of hay to lay in...and I'm surrounded by cute chicks!  What more could an old goat ask for! Raisin Bread?!!!
Hi!  I'm the new baby bunny.  I don't have a name yet, so if you think of a good one for me...e-mail Dottie!  I'm the same color as my dad.  I just learned this bowl of green stuff is  You want me to eat this? 

 4/15   I can't believe Dottie built a fence around the rock thing.  I can't believe she lets Galahad in there.  I can't believe she gave him a whole pile of fresh hay.  I can't believe I can't get in there to eat it.  This stinks! 

Let me see....hammer, screw gun...wire cutters?  What is she up to now?  Look at all these cool tools!  Einy meanie miney moe...I'll drop this one on her toe!
Ok....this is a door?  to what?  I'm helping make sure the ground is level.  I like to help!  The more I help....the more she shoes me away! 
This is the new door to the bunny cage.  Now we can't eat their hay.  That's so unfair!
Dottie really loves my cute furry face!  This is me eating hay in my new spot...just for me!
Mike and Diane are here to visit!  Here I am getting my grain.  I get hand fed now....because they are teaching me to be gentle.  Like that's gonna work! a way it is...because if I go at it, they take the food away.  If I'm gentle...I get to eat!  I'm beginning to understand how this works.
This is the first time I'm being held by Diane.  She has bunnies too!  I love when I get snuggled.  Dottie showed Diane how to put a bunny to sleep to trim their nails.  Do you know how to get a bunny to sleep?
Come on, Dottie, you've been working all day....Play with me, give me lovings, let's go for a walk!
Did someone say go for a walk?  Take me....take me!
4/16   Nothing is better than a good dirt bath after a good brushing!  When ever I do this, Dottie says the words "roll over".  I get confused because Wrex the dog rolls over....I'm dirt bathing!
These tender little pine trees taste mighty good after a winter of hay!  I have to stay on a leash now because my training has begun.  I'm getting use to Dottie being so close, that she touches me while I'm eating.  It's not a bad thing!  Just takes some getting use to!  I'm not scared...just timmid!
Baaarts letting me know that even though he's the boss, he respects me.  He wants to know where I learned to spit so good.  He wants me to teach him.  I don't think it's something I can teach.  It just happens!
Hey...he's touching me!  Here's the proof...I'm being a good boy.  Donk E started it! And I'm telling!

We got to graze in the field today.  All the tender young blades of grass are sprouting!  It tickles my nose, but it taste so good!  I'm making sure I get all the high spots!

Oh this is funny!  I can't believe she tie dyed me with easter egg coloring!  Dottie's taking me for a hair cut next month.  She wanted to see if she could dye it before it gets cut.  Like she's really gonna make a pink sweater!  I wonder what will happen when it starts to rain?  This is so embarrasing!
I still don't have a name yet!  Dottie has been spending alot of time with me, snuggling and rubbing my ears and feet.  Most of the time she just sits in our home and we run around her.  Sometimes we hop right on her, and she'll pat our heads.  She tells us we're gonna make a lot of people happy!  What's people?
4/17     Ahhhhhh!  What a beautiful morning!  Warn, peaceful, birds singing!  I love mornings!  Tummy full of hay, fresh clean water, even stall's kinda like room service, but our stalls get cleaned out.  What more could an alpaca ask for!  A pillow maybe?
Going for our walk in the woods!  What a great day!  Oh Boy....another egg!  I found one...I found one!!!!   They are all over the place out here in the woods!  Now it's like a race to get to them first!  Hey there's no carrot inside! 
Hey.....I'll trade you this crushed empty egg for a carrot......interested???
I must be related to these guys!   We have the same spots!
I just noticed Dottie was sitting there with space around her!  I think I'll just move in and get my ears rubbed!  Every one else is to busy eating the green stuff!  Don't get me wrong....the green stuff is good....but an ear rub?   Priceless!
Go figure!  With all this space...they have to crowd around thinking the grass is greener in front of someone elses face!
Baaart said this is his favorate spot!  He showed me this is where all the good stuff hides at the edge of the garden.  He says in the summer...all kinds of good things grow in here!  Baaart said the strawberries are the sweetest he's ever tasted!  He got caught last year.  The red lips gave him away!
This is a stretch...but well worth it!  There's a few blades of grass here, but it's scarey because the water in the river is moving kinda fast!  There's things moving in it, too.  Long things with eyes.  They stay in the shadows by the roots of the trees, under the water.  Is that what Joe was talking about when he said "fish"?
Ya!  Where's the sweet grain?  It's not in this hand! 
The Rucinskis had a farm...e-i-e-i-o!  And on this farm they had a chick, e-i-e-i-o!  With the blond chick here and the nasty chicks there, here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick...The Rucinskis had a farm, e-i-e-i-o!
 Just me and the missus hanging out in the early morning sun.  Doesn't that feel good?  Not a care in the world!  The other two girls are busy sitting on our eggs!  We should be having hatchlings in a month or so!  Yep! just doing my job!
4/18   We have visitors!  Brenda and Andy are from Chelmsford, Mass. After I get my back scratched, I'll bring them over to meet the boys.  Brenda has really long fingernails that feel really good on those itchy spots!  Ah...the ears!  They sure know how to make me feel good!
Here's Andy trying to bribe me closer with a carrot.  It worked!  It's nice to have visitors come to the farm to work with us!  Next month we have our first public outing over at the Stiles Antique Tractor week end party!  It's free to the public!  I know I'll be a little nervous, being around so many people...but it's good training for our show for the Double H kids!  Come and visit if you get the chance!  Last weekend in May!
I'm giving Brenda Donk E kisses!  I really love the lovings.  Most times I'll walk away from the food to get some lovings!   I like when our visitors sit on the bench, because I can move right in!  I love how they say..."such a sweet, gentle, Donk E" !  That makes me feel so good!  My nose is so soft and tickeley!  That must be a good thing, cuz I hear it all the time!
Ha Ha Ha!  Here I am moving in for the kill!  No one can resist a Donk E hug!  Once I give them a hug...they are like putty in my hoofs!  And Brenda with those nails of hers!  Oh ya....this is working for both of us! 
Andy thinks he's teaching me up pretty....but I'M teaching him to give me carrots!  I have a whole routine now!  Up Pretty comes pretty easy!  I up pretty on anything I can find!  Then I shake my head for yes and no.  Then I pull the hanky from their pocket!  Andy's a lot of fun!  He knows the routine now, too!  I should be giving him carrots!
I get to show Joe my ring place game!  I say ring place, cuz that's what I do.  Solly plays ring TOSS.  He'll throw it over anything he can ring!  Even me and Dottie!  I like to place it gently over the cone.  But that's me....gentle!  I like when every one claps for me when I'm done!  It makes me feel happy to know I did good!

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