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May 6-10

Hi!  Welcome back!  Dotties been in Iowa for the last week, so she couldn't be here to update the site.  But she's back now.  We missed her.  I'm starting to shed my winter fur!  My new fur is darker than my winter fur!  It's kinda itchy, so I rub it on the fence.  I got a good brushing this morning, complete with bug spray.  Those pesky little flys are out now.  The bug spray keeps them from giving me itchy bites!
I'm so glad you're back!  I really, really missed you!  Can we please go for a walk?  Do you have any carrots on you?
Dottie went to help move her daughter, Tara, to Iowa.  She got to meet some very nice people there.  Joe has been taking care of us, but now that Dotties home, we can get back into our routine .  The leaves are starting to sprout on the trees, and everything is turning green!  Even the lilacs are starting to bloom! 
These little yellow things are delicious!  Dottie called me a "weed whacker"!  That must be a good thing, because these things taste great!
Hey you guys.....good spot over here!
I'm gonna be a dad soon!  Maralin has been sitting on the nest for a while now!  Prarie Chicken and I get to eat all the tasty little bugs on the ground.  Maralin is kinda in a trance when she's on the nest.  She'll come out for food and water, then rush right back to it!  What a good mom she'll be when the eggs hatch and turn into baby chickens!
Solly has been scratching himself on the wire fence so much, that he broke the posts and bent the wire.  Dottie had to get her tools together, and Joe had to cut some wood for a new fence!
Here's our new fence!  What a difference a day makes!  Solly sure keeps Dottie busy!
Hey, Solly....I just want to tell you since you have been on those flower essence are actually nice to be around!  You mellowed right out!  Now...if we can just get the Donk to take them...I think we'll be all set!
Okay...what does she have in here this time?  Hmmmm....
You tell me what I'm thinking here!   Send Dottie an e-mail with your idea, and she'll have a contest for the best one.  Maybe we can have you all vote for which one you liked the best!
It's so nice and peacefull today!  When are you gonna come to visit?  Did you say "let's go for a walk"?  I'm ready!
Here's Joe, mowing the lawn!   Well....we're actually mowing the lawn, but he's a good supervisor!  We even make sure we get around the fence posts!
Joe came by with some fresh cut grass and a snuggle!  I like when he rubs my ears.  He goes nice and slow so it doesn't scare me.  He also makes sure my feet are on something, like his hand.  Otherwise I'd get scared because it would feel like there was nothing under me.  That's when I would kick, trying to find something...quick!  But as long as I feel something solid under me....I feel safe!  And happy!  And loved!
Dottie brought us down to the front field to munch on the tall grass!  She has me on a leash because I'm in "training".  This way, she can walk up to me and say "HO".  This means she's gonna get me.  I can either walk away slowly...slightly out of her she can't get me........or.....I can be good, and just stand there and let her come up to me.   
And if I should try to walk away....she says "HO" then steps on the leash so that I have to stop.  Sometimes when she's gonna try that...I walk away a little faster!  And sometimes she uses a longer leash, which totally gets me off guard!  Just when I think I have an extra foot of space between the end of the leash...and her foot....she gets me!  It's funny to watch her trying to step on the end of the leash as I keep walking away!  It looks like she's doing a River Dance dance!  Ha ha!
The next thing she does is to tell me she's going to touch me.  Then I know what's gonna happen...and I get ready for it.  I'm just getting use to being "touched"!  She'll touch my neck, and then scratch my neck, and back....when it starts to feel good, she'll stop and then walk away saying "Good Boy"!  Then she says "munch"...this means I can start eating again!  After a while...she goes through the whole thing again...and again!  By the end of the day, I am so use to her coming up to me, that I just stand there and get it over with!  It does feel rather good!
Oh ya, Joe....right there!  now a little to the left.....up....up.....right there!  Oh ya!  This shedding season is really itchy!  All that thick winter fur has to come off so scratch, scratch, rub, rub!   Thanks, Buddy!
Oh yes, Phyllis...your flower essense drops are working fine!  I feel so relaxed, not a care in the world!  I can't even wipe this silly grin off my face! 
I'm going for a ride back to my old farm to see all my old friends!  I'll be staying in the pen next to the girls! 
These are my buddies....Zipper, Lance and Coco Puff.  I have so much to tell them about my new home!
I remember growing up on this farm!  I was just a little kid!  Boy has this place grown!  11 Alpacas, 4 Llamas, 4 mini-horses and two donkeys!  All these new babies have been born on this farm!  And those guys have grown! 
And the girls...aren't they just the cutest things?  And there's so many of them....hey cutie...over here!
No wait...don't go! 
Come on, girls...don't pay him any mind!  Let's have dinner first, and let him get settled in...then we can go over and say hello!
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