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Stop what ever you are doing!

I want my bottle!

I trained her well...don't cha think?!!

My horns are growing back in...even though I got de-horned. Now I have to go back to Dr. Teddy...and get re-dehorned.  Dr. Teddy said Pygmy goats usually have to be done twice.  Bummer
I'll take this off you so we can run and play, okay Piggy?


Look at me!

I'm being GOOD!

I don't get a treat for that?  Well...phhhhhffffft to you!

You were gonna let me out to eat grass for being such a good boy?  I didn't mean to give you a razberry...I sneezed!  Ya..that's it....I sneezed!  YOU should of said God Bless me....

I know...he blessed me already....

Can I still go out?

What are you?

I'm a chicken!

Do you have eyes?  Can you see?

I see... you're just a cute little "kid"!  My name is Fuzzy Ball...what's your name?

I'm Maaaaaaaaaaaaaat!  Pleased to meet you!


Hey...Donk E!  Come on....let's play!

You talking to me?

Well.....ya!  You're the only Donk E here!

You're just a "kid", Mat...You're not ready to play with the "Big Boys" yet!  Someone would get hurt!
What are you?    a chicken?  Put 'em up...put 'em up!  You're afraid of me...aren't you!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!  That's a good one!
He's either very brave....or very stupid!
Hey kid....come here!  I didn't mean to's just that you're so small...we'll play when you grow up a little more!
I'm already grown up, Donk E.  See?  I can look you right in the eyes!'re standing on your tippy toes, and my head is down... get real!

Go drink your milk, okay!

Hey Galahad!  Can I talk with you for a minute?
Sure kid...what's up?
Donk E won't play with me!
Will you play with me?  Donk E said I can't play with the big boys yet because I'll get hurt!  I'm as big as you....see!
I don't think so!

It's nice to be out...even if I am on a leash. 

 Donk E and I have been best buddies since we almost ate ourselves to death!  Sure...we still have our moments...but hey...we're brothers!  We can't be good...all the time!

Please no...I won't go!  I don't want to go back!

I'll stay right here till you get back from the chiropractor...I promise!


I'm waiting for Mat and Piggy to come in. 
And I'm waiting for Joe to come home!
He just pulled in the driveway....I lay here so that he can't miss me!  How do I look?  Loveable....or what?
And what about now?  I'm going for the "irresistable" pose!
When Dottie calls Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, that's when I have to come to her!  But when she says quick quick quick...I break into this run hop spring thing!  Everything runs faster, here, when she says quick quick quick...even the ducks!  With the big boys....all you have to say is..."who wants a treat"!

He did it!

He did it!

I remember the days I use to be a lap puppy!
Is this real or fake? 
Yeck!!!!!  This flower is fake!
Are we getting big...or what!
Did you notice that the colder it gets outside...the less bugs we find?

I need to snuggle...

I want to snuggle up on your lap!

Deep breath...big long contented sigh...this is what I'm talking about!


Hi Bunny!  What cha up to?
I'm here for the pigs food!
Oh oh...Piggys not gonna like that!
Bunny....there's a whole bucket of food...right here!


You have a whole bowl of food...right here in your room!

So I do!
Piggys food tastes better!
Bunny's right!  It does!  But I like my milk more!

When I come in from outside...Dottie pours some warm water in my food!  It warms me up from the inside!

I don't want to go poo in my litter Dottie has to bring me outside to go!  I guess I'm heavier than a bag of cement...cuz she hurt her back lifting me.  We have to find a "compromise" here...

Lookie here!  She even garnished it with rasins!

Oh...this is ....very....good!  Snort Snort

She pats me and rubs my cheeks while I'm eating.  I tried to push her hand away...once!  She took away my food bowl.  So I learned very quickly....don't push the hand that feeds you!
Hey're hogging the hay!  Can't you nap someplace else?

I give you a Donk E hug...

and you give me an ear rub...

It works for me!

Hey!  What about us?

This is the best spot to lay during the day...right across from the bathroom!  You can't miss me!

I'm ready for lovings!  You can pet me, now! (I learned that from the cats!)

Joe threw us some garden fresh carrots over the fence...I got most of them!
I'm just hanging around waiting for someone to pat me!
I'm hungry!  Can I please have my bottle now?
This is what I drink from my bottle!  It's a mixture of water, Esbilac (it's powdered puppy formular) and Kid milk replacer!  She shakes it up in a jar...then pours it into my bottle!  So I get a "milk shake"  he he he!
Joes feeding me lunch, while Dottie's making his!  He gets camera shy when it comes to feeding must be a man thing!

I like being a house pig!  You get to watch TV, and get into all kinds of stuff! 

Ooops...but when you gutta gutta go!

Excuse me, please!  I need to use the ladies room!

I'll be right back!

There...much better!  
Okay...where were we before I so rudely interupted us...?  Oh I was saying...I like being an inside pig...but I really love being outside!  Since I got to poo outside...that's where I'd rather poo.  THAT caused a problem for Dottie...because of her back.  So we have to think about it and work together to figure out a soultion. 

Oh ya...almost forgot...

Every time I use my litter box...Dottie says "good Piggy Piggy Piggy"...and then I get a rasin!  I know I did the right thing when I hear "Good Piggy Piggy Piggy.  I know I'm about to do something wrong, too!  That's when I hear...."No Piggy"!  Then I have to go back in my pen.  I can tell , now...just by the sound of her voice when I'm good or bad.  It's much more be good!

Well...when she says..."No Mat"...I do it anyway....hey....I'm a "kid"!  Ha ha!

She's telling me "no" right now!  She doesn't want me eating the fake trees in her night light scene.

Opps...she's serious!  Gutta go!

This is what it looks like with the lights on!
When she puts her hand in my bowl...I just back away "till she's done playing with my food!
How do you like my new "do"?
Oh...what a beautiful day! 

Stretch out in the sun...nice warm breeze...

Oh I love being a cat!

Perfect day for a tounge bath! 'bout a little bit of privacy, here!
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