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Where ya going with the hoop, Donk E?

I'm bringing it over to Dottie so we can play!

Hey...wait for me! 

I don't have to do tricks for treats!  All I have to do is look at her with my baby blues!  She falls for it every time!

All I have to do is put the hoop over the cone!  Then I get a treat!
This is getting way to easy!
I think I'll up the anti a little!  I'll hoop the cone... AND me!
There!  I did it!  I hooped us both!
Wanna see me do it again?
Once I get it over the top....I have to bring it out a little so I can step in, too!
Now I bring it way around!

Then I drop it down, gently!  See....I got the both of us again!

It's really a "compromise" with Dottie....she wants me to hoop the cone...but I like to hoop me!  So to make us both happy.....I hoop us both!

How do you do that?

You make it look so easy!

It's so easy, Galahad!

First you grab hold of the hoop, then step into it...then you bring it over to the cone!

Then you drop it over the top!  Hey're gonna miss it!
Then you place it gently on the ground!

See!  It's easy!  Wanna try it Galahad?

No...that's okay, Donk E....I'm afraid of the hoop!

Donk E....can I try going through the hoop?

No's not a duck's a Donk E trick!

What's so hard about this?

See?  It's easy....come on, you guys....walk through the hoop!

Oh boy.....That really got the Donk going!  That was his very own trick!  And he thought he was the only one who could do it! 
This is my special trick!  And now I have to share it with the ducks!  Can you believe that!
It's way too easy when it's tied to the trees!  No wonder the ducks can do it!  This way...even the chickens could do it!  Ooops...hope Dottie didn't hear that....she'll have the chicks doing it next!
I'll bring you the hoop and you can hold it for me!
It won't let go!
Well...that's almost no fun when the hoop's tied to the trees!
Dottie's trying to make me feel better!  She said that the ducks can do the hoop when it's tied to the trees...

But I'm the only one who can hoop both me and the cone!  So that's my own special trick!  It worked...I feel better! ear rub...Yes!  I'm special!

Yea...I could hoop the cone if I wanted to...
I can even hoop myself...just like the Donk!
But this is Donk Es trick...and he's feeling a little sad that the ducks can do it...
Just between you and me....let this be the Donks trick!  He can have it!  I have quite the bag of tricks, already!  Unless, of have some new tricks up your sleeve to teach me!  I'm open!

Talk about an idenity crisis...

I'm afraid to play with the hoop.  Donk E can do it...Solly can do it...even the ducks can do it, now!

Next...I bet the chickens will be doing the hoop!

So what does that make me? 

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