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Diane and Mike came over to give us lovings today!
Mike was giving me all kinds of attention!  He's fun to play with!
Hey...what's Piggy getting?
I'm being "Kid" napped!  Mike and Diane are bringing me over to their home for the day!  They had to take my bottle and formular with me...of course!  When I go over their house...I get to visit with Sylvia...and have lunch in their kitchen!  And I get to go to their office and meet all kinds of people!  That gives Dottie a chance to do what she's gotta do!  We do keep her busy!
I just get to laze around all day!  Where I get the run of the house...I get to run all around the house.  I can run real fast!  This is one of my favorite spots to hang out!  I'm waiting for Mat and Piggy to come back in!  They get to go outside when it's warm!  Not me!  I just find a sun beam...and I'm right in it!  I learned that from Wrex!
When we come in...we get to take a nap!   Hmmmm...snort snort...zzzzzzzz
They're ALL good......when they're sleeping!
Isn't it funny!  Now everybody gets along!  The "other" chicks hang with ME now...because I keep the Ducks away!  I don't put up with any of their duckness!  Now all the other chicks like me around!  They don't mind that I'm "BIG"  anymore!  Ha Ha!  Go figure!  That's okay, though...we SHOULD all be getting along!  So it's a good thing!
If everything out here is come I can't chew this flower?
Since Solly and Donk E almost ate themselfs to death...they've been really been nice to eachother!  As a matter of's been really pleasant around here!

It's called "empathy"!

Ya...and "compassion"...too!

She calls........I come!

I'm not "Pig Headed"!  I know there's a treat there!

I don't want my bottle.....I want to eat your jacket!
Come on...flower!  You think you're so tough?  Put 'em up....put 'em up!  I'll show you!
So far I learned how to come when she calls to stand up on my hind feet and walk to shake to turn in a circle...and how to untie Dotties boot lace!  Now I'm trying to learn how to untie a double knot!  I'm such a smart "kid"!
Dottie raked up some forest floor for us!  There's lots of acorns in this batch!  Oh...I love acorns!

Oh boy!  A raisin!  Yum!  I didn't even wait for her to call me!  I ran to her as soon as I saw her coming!  That made her very happy! 

Can you believe Solly sharing the food?  He just sent me a whole pile of fresh hay...just cuz I walked over!  Even if it is the stuff he already picked over!
Oops...wait a minute, Galahad....I tossed some good stuff by mistake!
But I don't want hay...I want lovings!
Aw...come on....don't go!
Don't we get a treat?
Treat?  Someone said treat!  I want a treat!
What do you have?  Apple slices or carrots?
Ahh! favorite!
I snatched the goat's bottle from Dotties pocket!  Mmmmm....this stuff taste pretty good!
Got Milk?

Can we go on a woods walk today?  Why not?

What's a "hunter"?

You can take me!  I'm not afraid of hunters!

Where you going all dressed up, Donk E?

For a walk in the woods!  Wanna go?  You'll have to wear the antlers, though!

Ha Ha!  That was a good one, Donk E!

Where are they going, Piggy?


Where's the front corral?

Wasn't it nice of Dottie to bring these Lilac bushes all the way from Billerica...tend to for them...

Just so we have a belly scratcher!

I see you sitting there all by 'bout some Donk E hugs?  Hunh?
Back off Solly...this is my quality time...go scratch your belly or something!


I'm still your best Donk E...right?

Ok...I'll wait ...but I'm next...okay?

Allysa came to meet us today!
And she brought her sister, Caroline!
Piggy's hogging all the attention!  What about me?
Allysa!  Is that you?  And this is your sister?
What do you have there?
You're Caroline?  Pleased to meet you!
You are just the sweetest little girl!  Thank you!
I'd much rather have a carrot!  Do you have a carrot?
We all get to eat together now!  The Blonde Chick is our watch chicken!  She makes sure the ducks stay away from us while we eat! 
Maybe if I hide the barn rake next to the bowling game....she'd get the hint! ok?  What are you doing laying down on the rock thing? 

Your back went out? 

No's right there... underneath you...silly!

Oh!  I'm so sorry you hurt. 
I know what YOU need!  How 'bout a Donk E hug, hunh...!  They make ME feel better! Come on....Get your Donk E hug!

I'll tell you!  Today was a scream!  Literally!

I would rather poo outside, instead of my litter box!  So Dottie had to get me to the kennel in a wheelbarrel!  She couldn't carry me with her back out!  But in order to do THAT...she had to make me a harness...just in case I jumped out! 

I never had a harness on before...and I knew Dottie was I screamed all the way to the wheelbarrel!  Her neighbor, Mary, came right over...thinking someone was hurt!  Once she put me in the wheelbarrel, though...I quit squealing...sat back...and actually enjoyed the ride over! 

HA! HA! HA! 

 Will you look at that!  Piggy in a wheel barrel!  Is she special...or what!

It's not funny, Donk E...Dottie hurt her back...and couldn't carry me!

Her back still hurts?

I'm sorry you're still hurt.  I didn't mean to laugh...but you have to was funny to see you wheeling the pig!
Dottie made this harness for me from some old "skinny" belts she had!  Not bad...if I do say so myself!  She has me on a I can start getting use to it!
If I'm going to visit people who can't get out to visit me...well...I better get use to it!  It's just that my neck and tummy are my most sensitive spots!  And it's in my memory...(the one we were born with...I think you call it instint to survive!)  to protect these spots!
 It's a trust thing!  And we're working on it!  I tried to train Dottie, that if I squeeled when she picked me up...she'd put me down!  Nope...didn't work!  She held me...and snuggled me...and covered me with calming love!  And when I got really calm.....then she'd put me down! 

Hey...Piggy!  What are you wearing?

Dottie made me a harness!  She's teaching me how to walk on a leash!

Ha, Piggy...even I can walk on a leash!

Well, Donk long have you been walking on a leash?

All my life, Piggy!

Well...give me a break...I'm just starting!

She touches me, and scratches me...and every once in a while, she'll lead me.  When I squeel....she comforts me so I'm not afraid!  That's a big help!  She mostly lets me lead her around! 

Come on...Piggy!

I'll take you for a walk!

I drink allot of water!  Almost a gallon a day!
Ah Ha!  The ball!
Hey Piggy!  Do you think I can stand on this ball with all four hoofs?

No No, Piggy...don't help me....

I know I can do it!

Ta - Da! 

I did it!      Piggy...I did it! missed it!  You didn't watch me jump!

When you said you didn't need my help...well....

No Piggy....I wanted to do it all by myself, and I wanted to share it with you!

Oh!  Okay, Mat!  Jump away....and I'll stay right here and watch! ready?!!!

Ready?  Here I go!  I'm Jumping! 

 I made it!  Piggy...I did it again!

Were you watching, Piggy?  Did you see me jump?

Yes Mat!  I was watching!  That was a great jump!  You're getting really good at jumping! 

He's a real Ham...isn't he!  But you gutta love him!  I do!
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