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Today's water day!  We like when she holds the hose for's like a shower!
They might like to take showers....but I like to take a nice long bath!  Expecially when I have the whole tub to myself! have to fan out your tail feathers....then swish them back and forth in the water!
Then you dunk your head under, and swish it around!
Then you dive under....and splash splash splash!
Ya!   Oh, that felt good!

Now I fix any feathers that need fixing....and put them in their place!

Now I get really in there, and get the oil from my skin...and spread it onto my feathers!
The others are still busy down I think I'll take a nother duck bath!  I'm a duck!  I can do that!  Usually I have to share the tub with the rest of this is a real treat!
Again...with the "shake your tail featheres" thing!
Dip your head...go under....then splash splash splash!  That's the fun part!
Ya!  Baby!  That's what I'm talking about! 

They're all still down there!  This is my lucky day!  One more time!  Ready?

Okay!  Take a deep breath...and go deep!  Real deep! Now splash splash splash!

Fluff the feathers out, get the water in them really really good...then

Splash...Splash...and Splash!

Now dive under the water...kick of the side of the tub...and zoom...pop up...and soak those feathers really... really... good!  Okay!  Here comes the grand finale...!  Ruffle those feathers!   Squiggle squiggle squiggle!  And Splash! Splash! Splash!
Now to "preen" myself!  That's what we call...fixing our feathers!  It's kinda like you brushing your hair!
Ahhhhhhhhhh..... doesn't that feel good!
In fact...that felt so good....that I think... I just might take more dip!
La De Da...La La La!  

Okay....get ready....!

Going Under! 

Spread out the tail feathers....and swish... swish... swish!

Oh!  Almost forgot...

Don't forget to wash under the arm pitts!

Use all that propell yourself out of the tub!

Now to shake the water off and fan myself dry!

Do you have any deodorant?

Now I just want to make sure all my feathers are perfect!

And that...dear how a ducky takes a bath!  Now I'm ready to join the others!

Bye- Bye!

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