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Hey Solly...Ha Ha!  I like your new "do"!  You look better as a blonde, though!


Ohhhhhh...we don't feel so good....Solly didn't believe that I could open the doorknob to the food room.

Well...I showed him!

Then he ran in and started eating everything!  I got to eat anything that he missed!

Now we have tummy aches.  And Dottie had to call Dr. Teddy!  Dottie had to come out and check us every two hours to make sure we didn't get real sick. 

It wasn't my fault...Dottie forgot to hook "The Baaart Lock"!  And me...being a Donkey...can use my lip just like a I can turn the door knob and open the door!  It's easy for me...but Solly can't do it yet!  Believe me...he tried!
I don't think I've ever been this full before!  I don't even want to look at food! 

Did I just say that?  Ha ha....I was only kidding!


I was just trying to show him I could open a door knob.  Then....all that food was right we ate it!

Now I don't feel good.  Can I have some extra lovings?   Burrrrp...grumble grumble...tummy rumble


I get this cool shelf to jump off! 
The oak leaves are a nice touch...don't you think?  It sure keeps us busy!  There's something for all of us!
Hey Piggy....wanna see if she'll let us go outside?
This is Shelly, from Rebuilding Together Saratoga!  She's just in time to feed me my bottle!  Dottie left her purse at the benefit, last night, so Shelly returned it.  Dottie's not use to having a purse.  Most times it gets full of tools and rocks...and then the strap breaks!  The three items Joe and Dottie made, brought in $600!  That's almost a new bathroom for some needy person!
This is me showing the "big boys"...that I'm a big boy, too!
Galahad was surprised that I knew what an alpaca was!  I told him we had lots of them on the farm I came from.  Donk E wasn't too impressed when I told him we had lots of Donkeys, too!  Solly didn't care at all...he was too busy eating!
We couldn't have any grain for two whole days.  Now we get to have some hay, finally!  Dottie had to check our poo pile to make sure we were "going"!

I don't think I ever pooed so much in my life!

Dottie said that was a good thing!  She also has to check our feet to make sure they don't get hot and sore.  So far...that's not a problem.  Dottie says that's a good thing, too!

There's nothing like a near death make you appreciate what you've got!  I havn't had the energy to pick on anybody!

Dottie says I'm being a real good boy!  And I'm gettin some pity lovings!  That's ok....I'll take 'em!

My new winter fur is coming in!
And so is mine!'s not fur, exactly....they are feathers....but fluffy feathers!  Silky, really!  That's why I'm called a Silky Chicken!  Well...Dottie calls me Fuzz Ball!
Do you have any treats?  I'd love an animal cracker!

No...not me....I can't eat another bite!

Well....maybe just one!

Hey....wait a minute...come back here!

Galahad got two cookies...I only got one....and it was broken!

Dottie's been plucking all her fake flowers to put them away before the snow comes!
I get to follow Dottie around as she does her chores!  When she calls Ma-a-a-a-a-t....I start to come to her!  When she says "quick, quick, quick"....I start to!  She makes circles with her finger....That must mean come....because she does that whenever she calls me!
Big contented sigh!   Nothing like warm milk!  It does a tummy good! that pig growing bigger...or is it just me? 

Ha Ha!  You wait, see just how big I'll get!  So be nice to me now!  Love, love love!

Can I snuggle on your lap for a little?
When she calls bet I come running!  I'm getting a cookie!  Sometimes when I come....i get lovings and belly rubs...which is even better than cookies!
Back scratches are okay....but I want to sit on your lap and snuggle!

This is what I'm talking about! 

What do you mean...I'm getting too big!  You need a bigger lap!

Do....tie....I have the keys!  Wanna play fetch with me?
I'll trade you the keys for that barn rake you're using!
How 'bout taking us for a walk?  You can do that stuff later!
Did you know I can use my nose like a shovel? 
I can did a hole to lay in to keep cool!
Am I a lucky pig...or what!
Of course I have to dig it deep enough to fit my belly!
I found a stick to chew on!  Sticks are good! 
Everything in here is edible!
Tree moss is really good!  And it tickles your nose while you eat it!
Aw...come on Donk E...quit picking on me...I don't feel well...
Serves him right!  He made a pig of himself, and hogged all the food!
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