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Mats First Woods Walk      Page 34
Dottie and I are taking our first woods walk!  I'm learning what things are good to eat!  Like this moss....yum yum!
I get to hop on the stumps...and eat!  Those are two of my favorite things to do!
Tree moss!  Very good!  Dottie said it only grows on the north side...whatever north is!
Oak leaves!  Everywhere!
Oh my God...the whole world here is edible!

Oh...more nice soft fuzzy moss!

Even these twigs are delicious!
I can almost reach that tender leaf!  Just a little more....
Thank you!  Dottie bent the branch down so I could get it!  That was nice!
These are very, very good!
What is this?  It's sticky and crunchy!  A pine cone?  Mmmmmmmm!
This is goat Heaven!  And I'm glad I'm a goat!
Dottie...I'm getting thirsty...
Oh Goody...we're heading home so I can have my bottle!
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