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April 7

I am giving Jane a big Donk E hug.  She had to go home to her own farm back in Mass.  She was a lot of fun and we know she had a good time!  We are sure she'll be back!  She's looking for a llama friend for Galahad...but don't tell Joe!  He- He- He!

Here I am playing basket ball!  I have it down pretty good now!  Dottie held her hand under the net.  In it was the carrot.  Drop the ball...get the carrot!  What was so hard about that? got me a carrot and a "good boy"!   I don't get "good boy" I was really happy to do it again....and again.....and again....
I finally got the chance to play ball.  When Sollys out, he hogs the ball and no one else gets to play.  But here I am..this is my first basket of the day!  I like to gently place the ball in the hoop, where Solly likes to sink it!  He even tried to eat the hoop cuz Dottie wasn't fast enough with the carrot!
I guess I just wanted to show you that I can do it, too!  I had to practice a little more than Solly,  but we were all the more happier when I finally did it!  I even got two pieces of carrot for the effort!  What's an effort?
This is or friend and ferrier Brian Matis.  He trims our feet every 8 to 10 weeks.  It's just like getting your nails cut, only the tools are bigger.  He's very patient with us!  I have known Brian all my life!  He did my feet when I was just a baby!  I use to sit on his lap...I was that small!  Donk E put up a "I'm a big boy now...I don't want my feet trimmed" stink!  Just like a little kid who doesn't want his face washed!
Sollys trying to tell me I acted like a baby and there was nothing to be afraid of.  How can you tell someone not to be afraid, when they already are?  It went ok...I didn't hurt.  I just couldn't move and got scared.  Once Dottie snuggled me in...I felt alot better, then it was all over!  Just like that!


My feet are feet are done!  I just got my feet done!   Yeah!  Don't these puppies feel fine!  I feel like I can almost fly!  Look out Roudolf...I'll give YOU a run for your money!

It was nice to show Jane I had my own family to watch out for now.  Even if we arn't all alike...we are still family!  And I know it made her heart feel at peace when she saw Dottie get me "dressed".  When I first came here, I had to be wrestled to get a rope around me.  Dottie only did that twice.  We looked at the problem and came to a compromise.  I would go into my stall, lay down, put my head on her knee, and slip my head into the halter.  And she would hook on the leash and take me for a nice peaceful walk in the woods where I can munch on fresh pine needles!  Hay...It works for us!   
Here we are saying good bye.  Jane invited me back to the farm in May for a hair cut!  I'll get to see all my old family and friends!  We'll have an alpaca, llama, pajama party!  I'll be staying right next to the girls padock!  It will be worth the 200 mile trip in the back seat of Dotties truck!  Dottie doesn't mind it...she does it all the time to see her people!

How's this for an action shot!  This stuff is washable kids!  Make sure you try this at home!  Dottie looks good in florescent does the barn...and the wall....and her boots....Mabey if I get real good, we can auction off my masterpieces for The Double H and Rebuilding?  What ever!  Right now I'm having way too much fun!

April 8   Joe and I are taking a walk out back by the power lines.  It's a special time when he gets to come for a walk because he's usually so busy!  Donk and Sol are running free.  I have to be on a leash because I have a tendacy to kinda walk off looking for those sweet tender pine!

I learned how to play big ball today!  That's where you grab the ball with your teeth and toss it to Dottie.  She couldn't catch and take pictures at the same time, so she put the camera down and just played with me. 

Then Solly got hold of the ball.  He already grabbed the hula hoop.  Now he's ring tossing the ball.  Look at Solly...he's a show off!

It's nice out here in the forest!  Donk E is out looking for the easter eggs Dottie hid yesterday!  You can tell when he finds one...he runs towards it with his head down and his ears back!  He has to find them before the Sol gets 'em!
I made a basket with the big ball!  The little ball was way to easy!  This is a lot more fun!  Dottie and I had a game of kick ball today.  That was fun!  After she kicks it...I chase it down and bring it back to her for a piece of carrot! works for me!  I think I'll ask for a real basketball hoop.  This toy thing is good for the Donk....but I'm a real player!  I betchya I'll be slam dunkin in no time!
April 9    I'm the newest family member!  There were two of us born about 5 weeks ago...but no one knew it!  Dottie was giving mom some carrots when she saw me run by!   If you can think up a name for me, we'll have a baby naming contest!  Thanks Terry!  She's the one who got mom and dad for Dottie!  This fuzzy thing is my nest!  Keeps us nice and warm!  This is my mom...isn't she beautiful?
This is what it's like at breakfast time for me.  Solly and I are eating our hay...then he starts moving closer to me.  I gave him a little warning hum, and it worked for a little bit.  Then he starts moving in again to get at the hay I'm eating.  Well...I can only take so much.  So I armed myself with an alpaca spit ball...and pow....I got him right between the ears!
Ya...he got me alright!  It wouldn't be so bad if the stuff smelled like hay, but what comes out of him is this green sticky smelly stuff.'s enough to make me loose my appitite.  Well....almost!  I'll just mosey on over to the other pile and chow there...Donk won't mind!  And if he does....oh well!
Wayne and Nancy came all the way from New Hampshire just to see us!   They got to take us on an egg hunt and everything!  Sol and I get to help them find the eggs!  We are really good at it now!  Here I am giving one of my special Donk E kisses!  The girls love 'em!  They talk to me in this real squeeky voice and rub my ears and tell me how CUTE I am!  How good is that!
I love Nancy...she gives the best back scratches!  It's nice when company comes.  I get all the extra lovings!  It makes me feel special when they come over to's getting harder for me to get around with this arthritus and all.  Besides...I don't like to go far from the food!
This is Wayne...Dotties brother.  He's my buddy!  I've known him for 17 years now!  I'm as old as his son!  We got to do alot of things, camping, mountain climbing.  We always took nice long walks together when we were just kids!  Ya...he's my bud!  He always shares his goodies with me!  How special is this!!!!
And here we are teaching Wayne tricks!  He was a little confused at first...but we taught him well!  He can kick the ball AND play with the hoop.  At the same time!  He doesn't even want a carrot!  He made it look easy!  WE were impressed!  Kinda makes us wish we had thumbs!
This is how I play ring toss!  I like to put the hoop gently over the cone.  Then I help it down to the bottom.  These are all the steps it takes for me to play ring toss!  I even did it again...just incase you missed my first one!  If you play ring toss with betta watch out...he can really fling them!
This is the spot that I hang out the most.  Right in front of the hay barn!  I'm no fool!  Usually the chicks will chill out and enjoy the morning with me! The big white chick is "The Blond Chick".  She's like by best friend besides Wrex.  The other chickens pick on her because she's so smart.  When it's cold out...she comes over to the studio, where it's warm, and keeps me company.  She just chatters away as she pecks the hay out of my fur!  She's a true friend!
Hi!  I'm the Blond Chick!  I'm Baaarts friend!  We like to hang out together in the nice warm sun, on a pile of fresh soft hay!  That makes for a good day!  At dinner time, when Dotties feeding the "Boys", I get a handful of the sweet stuff too!  I know what the dinner bell means, and I'm usually the first one there!  Most of the time I just help myself to Baaarts bowl.  He likes to share with me!
I taught myself how to pick up the brush and put it in Dotties hand.  In this picture, she's to busy trying to get a picture, that she's not paying attention as to where her hand should be.  She got it after I tried again.  She really knows how to brush me... gently.  I have sensitive skin! 
When she thought we were done, she put the brush down...But...I wasn't done yet!  So I picked the brush up and put it back in her hand.  We were both amazed...She learns fast!  I had her brushing me till I almost fell asleep standing up! you get the hint?  I want to go for a walk!  I know there are easter eggs out there!  Stop wasting time telling Donk E how special he is.  Want the hoop???  I'll get the hoop for you...ha-ha-ha!  How 'bout a game of ring toss!!!  You can be the cone!  Come the gate!  I want my eggs!

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