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Hey Mat...I heard we were having company today!
Yes!...I use my litter box!

Hi Mary!  What's this with the cherios?  You usually bring us carrots and apples and other good stuff!

And who's this with you?

You have a daughter?  Hi Jen!  Welcome to the funny farm!

Hey!...don't forget me!

Here's your keys...give me my goodies!

Do you see how Solly tries to hog all the attention?
Mary got to hold me!  I like my belly rubbed, and she does a good job!
And Daughter Jen gets to feed me my bottle!
And now we're ready for our nap!
Here you go Chickie Chickie!  A nice litte piece of bread...just for you!

I am so proud of my son!  I taught him well, hunh?  You gutta treat the ladies right!

It's good to watch him share!  He's growing up so fast!

Hey, Donk E...wanna come in and play race with me?
Do you promise to play nice, Solly?
Dottie....can you let me in to play with Solly?  He promises he'd play nice!
Ha Ha!  He believes me!  He's coming in!
Ha ha Solly!  I got you!
Hey Donk E....we're supose to be playing nice...remember?

I'm sorry...ok!   Come on...get going before I get you again! He He!


I'll just wait till Donk E gets a little bit closer...
Once I get to the bottom of the field...I'm gonna turn it on!
Come on, Donk E...let's see what you got!
How does he do that?  He must go into hyper-drive!
Okay...Donk E!  Now it's MY turn to chase YOU!   Run Donk E...Run!
Ouch! got me!
Ow! got me again!
That's it, Solly!  I'm done!  You said you would play nice with me!  You got me twice!

Aw...come on Donk E...I didn't mean it!  Come on back...I'll be good!

What's up, Donk E?

I was playing with Solly, and he got rough again, so I left.

Well, you were running pretty fast!   You did good, Donk E!

What happened to all the mud we put on the bottom?  Now what are we gonna do...
I really really like it here!  We get to run around the yard with the other chickens now that we're older!  I like to sit on Dotties hand and then she lifts me way up high in the air!  Sometimes I flap my wings....but I'm holding on really good when I do that!
I see you with that camera! bottles empty!
Can I have a refill...please?

It was such a nice day outside, that Piggy and I got to go out and enjoy it! 

I really love my milk!  It makes you grow big and strong!

Mmmmmmmm...this is SOOOOO good!  And it's warm...too!
Do you have piggy food, too?
Oh!  thank you!  Snort...snort!  This is good!
Whew...that's a long way down!

But I can do it!

Yeah baby!

I did it!  I did it!

That was easy!

I'm gonna do that, again!

Don't get too close to the, Donk don't know what they're gonna do!

But they're so cute...Galahad!

I don't care if they're "cute"!

I'm just gonna hide behind this tree, here...

Hey...In all my life...I never met a pig before!  And she makes a wierd noise. Kinda like her nose is stuffed.

I know who you are!  You're Solly!  They call you Solly Burger!

I'm King Solomon!  Solly is my nick name!  I'm the boss of the farm, here!


I'm Donk E!  I'm the ambassadoor!  I get to great the people when they come to visit!  I get the special room with a secret door!
Why is everybody so afraid of ME?  I'm just a baby!  I can't hurt you!   Why...I'm scared, myself!  You guys are way bigger than me!
I'm not afraid of them!  I drink my milk so I'll grow big and stong!  I get my bottle every two hours!

Hey Piggy!  Look where I am!

How'd you get up there, Mat?


Left over short cake!

Hey Dottie...those little, fluffy yellow duckies that we chickens use to chase?  Well they got!

Now they're chasing us!

Whenever we go to eat...they chase us away from the food.

Well...we'll go see about THAT!

Arn't you afraid of them, Blonde Chick?

I pecked one the other day, so now they don't bother with me!

I don't want to get close enough to peck them!  They have really long necks!

But Marilin...we have pointy beaks!

Can you go talk to them, now?

I'll straighten this out, okay English?

Listen you have to stop chasing the chickens!

But Blonde Chick...they chased us!  Now we're bigger and can chase them back!

I had a best buddy who just happened to be a goat!  He grew up with all kinds of critters, and was loved by them all!

He use to tell us..."just get along"!   

So now...I'm telling you...please...just get along!  Who cares if you're ducks...and we're chickens?  It doesn't matter!  We still have to live on the farm.  So let's all get along!

So you guys just waddle away, and don't bother the chickens...okay?

Gee Blonde take all the fun away!

Come on...move along!  Be nice...okay!

Oh're warming my bottle!

Why are'nt you snuggling me on your lap?  Oh!  Can't take a picture? took your how about that lap snuggle?

I love you, Mat!  You are just sooooo sweet!

I love you too, Piggy!

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