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March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody!
Look what I found!  It's just the right size for me!

What's with the hat, Mat?

It's not a hat, Solly!  It's a derby!

Give it up, Mat!  I wanna wear it!

Naaaaa.... I don't think so, Solly!  Back away or I'm gonna butt ya! 

Go get your own decoration, Solly!  She has a whole bag of them!
Hey, Mat!  Look what I found!

Donk E?  I'm not gonna have to wear something, will I?

Not if you don't want to, Galahad! 

She has a whole bunch of different stuff, Galahad!  Go see if you like something!
Do you have the shamrock tie?
What!  I'm decorated!  I'm pretending to be a pine tree!  Hey!  It's green!
So... you're a pine tree.... hunh, Solly?  You know what we do to pine trees, don't cha?
We eat them!  Yum!
Hey...hey...hey!  I found the green glasses!

Hey, Mat!  What do ya think?  Cool or what!

Cool, Donk E!

What do you think of my decoration, Donk E?

Cool back at ya, Mat!

Hey, Solly?  How come you're not playing along?

I'm getting to old for dress up, Donk E!

Hey, Solly?  Didn't Dottie color you green last year?

Shhhhhh!  Don't remind her, Donk E!

Come on, Solly!  Have some fun!  Show some spirit!  You can be too old, tomorrow!

True, Donk E!


Can I have the balloon, please?

Hey, Dottie!  Solly wants to wear the balloon!

Ta - Da!  Happy Valentines Day!  No... wait a minute!  What day is today?  The green day!  What's the green day?
It's St. Patrick's Day, Solly!  Piggy told me the story!
He's the dude who drove out all the snakes from Ireland... in the back of a pick up truck!
Then, one day...Dottie found one of the snakes... brought him home and named him Monty!
And now he's a house snake!  And a pretty old one at that!  She's had him for a long time!
Ta - Da!  This is so me!
Can we paint my toe nails to match?  How 'bout a nice metalic green?
He He Snort!  I like this one, too!  Kiss me... I'm Irish!
Whoops!  Wait a sec!  OK...There!  I'm being serious!  Take the picture!
Cheezie is more like it! 
Little bit of overkill...don't cha think?  I'm ready for that kiss now!

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