Critter Encounter

March 15     Part 2

Pretty slim pickings out here, if you ask me!
Hey, Hey!  I found something!
There's really not much out here! 
I found something, Galahad!  Come up here!

Oh!  Here's some pine, Galahad!

I found some, too, Donk E!

Where'd Solly go?
He's over by the wood pile, Galahad!  That's where Joe's tractor tracks end!
Anything good, there?
I found a stick!
Mine, mine, mine!
This part of the trail looks safe enough!
Are you guys ready for a good run?

Count me in, Solly! 

Hey, Donk E!  Wait for me!  I want to run, too!

I love to run!  It's the best feeling in the world!
I'll let Solly do another lap, and catch him on the way back!  He can run circles around us!
You guys can join in any time, you know!
This is my last lap!
Last one has to give up their treats for the day! 
That's not fair, Solly!  You got a running head start!
Hey!  Wait for me!  I want to run, too!
I don't wanna have to give up my treats!
I don't wanna hafta give up my treats, either!
First one to Dottie, gets all the treats!

That's not fair, Solly!  I can't believe you want all our treats! 

But I won, Donk E!

You can't change the rules once the race begins!  That's wrong, Solly!

Yaaaaa... I shouldn't have to go treatless because I have the shortest legs!  I should get your treats, Solly, for even racing with you!

I don't see why you expect to get my treats, Solly!  I came in third!

Gee, guys... didn't I say winner takes all?  That's what I ment!  Ok!  Fine!  Keep your treats!

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