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March 18

It's halter time!  Here we go!  Let me tell you about the "halter"!  Before I came here...putting the halter on, meant something bad was gonna happen!  Like the vet with her shots, or the guys that give me a hair cut... then trim my nails!   They had to wrestle us down to get us dressed!  That... in it's self... was scary!

 Since I came here... wearing the halter means having breakfast, going for a woods walk, or just having my quality time with Dottie!   I still have to wear it for the vet and the hair cut guys!  But... that's ok!  We worked out a thing!  I lay down and she halters me up!  Then I get breakfast... or treats...or the best.... lovings!  Always something nice after we're done!  Maybe that's why I look forward to our time! 

I love when she reaches through the fur to massage my back!  She says she's checking for lumps and bumps!  I think it just makes her feel good!  I know it makes me feel good!

Slowly... she works her way back.  Always rubbing with a scratch now and then!   Usually she uses two hands! 
Ya...I like the halter now!  This is our time!  I don't have to share her with anybody!  

She'll scratch my cheeks and work her way down my neck!

She grabs my "mane", and picks the hay out of it!

Dottie constantly tells me "Good Boy, Galahad!  Touch your back, touch your neck, touch your head!  Good Boy"!
Then she massages my shoulders and chest! 
My ears, my head, my chin and cheeks!
When she hooks or unhooks the leash, she always says "click"!  That way I know what she's gonna do! 
Now I'm getting un dressed!  This is really a two handed job!
I'm being so good!  And Dottie's so proud of me! 
Even when the halter falls away... I stay there!  I know what's coming next!
Even more lovings!  This is on my terms, now!  I'm there... because I want to be there!
All's right and peaceful in the world...untill Solly and Donk E start pushing at the door!
Thank you for the treats, Dottie!
I'm the one who should be giving you treats!

Hey!  How come Galahad got treats?

I just got done with my quality time, Solly!

You've been getting quality time in there?   Without us?

Yep!  I got a neck massage, too!

Galahad got a neck massage?

Well, ya, Solly!  It's my quality time!

It felt really good, too, Solly!

I bet it did!


Ya... but did she massage your back like she does Donk E and mine, Galahad?

Oh ya!  Shoulders, too, Solly!

I want a neck massage, too!
Hey, Donk E!  Dottie's giving neck massages!
Ew!  neck massage!  Can I be next?
Pretty please?
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