Critter Encounter

March 13

Can we come out and do a walk about today?
Ah...ha!  The garage door is open!
I betchya Joe's working in there!
Let's go see if he needs any help!
Hey, Joe!  Need any help?
He doesn't want me in there when he's working the saw!
He didn't want my help, either!
He told me to go find Dottie, but she's busy in the house doing her house chores!  Maybe I can help her!
Oh!  You brought treats for us!
Can you take a break and sit on the bench with me?
Oh, ya!  Love love love love love!  Little to the left, please!
Can I have some lovings?
Oh, ya!  Down a little?

Yep!  Right there!

Solly!  It's my turn now, again!

Oh ya!  Good spot!  Good spot!  Wait a minute, Mat!  I'm almost done!
Can I have another turn after Mat?
Ohhhhhhh... ya!  Neck massage!
Hey!  I didn't get a neck massage!  I want a neck massage!
Solly!  Wait your turn!  We're not done yet!  Oh......  that feels so good!
How come Solly gets to hog my lovings?   He hogs everybody's lovings!  It's not fair!

Solly... Donk E and I don't move in on you when you're getting lovings!

That's because it's my quality time, Mat!  Oh... I see what your saying!  You're right, Mat!  I'll come back later... when your done! OK?

I thought he'd never leave!
Can it be my turn, now?
Hey!  I didn't get my ear rub!  I want my ears rubbed, too!  Can I be next after Donk E?
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