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March 15

Hey, Solly?  Wanna go on a woods walk?

We could do that!


The ice storm knocked a lot of pine needles off the trees!
There's all kinds of stuff on the ground!  Here for the eating!
The couple of warm days we just had, melted the ice and snow that was covering them! melted the top layer... but that made the trail crusty!

I don't know if I want to walk there, Solly!  I don't like it when I crunch through the layers!

Then walk in my footprints, Donk E!  I'll break the trail for you!

Oh!  Look!  Fresh frozen pine needles!
Where we going?

We're following Solly, Galahad!  He's breaking through the crusty stuff for us!  Hey, Mat?  How come you don't break through the top?

I'm not as heavy as you guys, Donk E!

I'm not breaking through, either, Donk E!  I think it's because of my alpaca toes!

Galahad, do you think it's because you and I have a different shaped foot than Solly and Donk E!

It could be, Mat!  You and I both have two toes that spread out when we walk!  Solly and Donk E only have one!
Ho Ho!  Lucky day!  I found an oak leaf!

And I see some pine needles!

Maybe I can knock some leaves loose!
Is it working, Mat?
No.  Not a single leaf fell!
He He!  Weeeeeeeee!
Solly!  What are you doing?
Sliding down the hill on my back!  Weeeeee!  Wiggle wiggle wiggle!
Come on you guys!  Try it!  It's fun!
Weeeeeeeeee!  That was a good one!
I'm glad Joe made us tracks with the tractor!  It makes it easier to walk out here!
The snows to deep out there, once you walk off the trail! 
At least there's stuff to eat all over the trail!
Hey, Solly!  Wait up!
Then you find goodies like this... right off to the side!
I'd like to go for a good run, today!
So you want to run, hunh?
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