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March 11

We got more snow a couple of days ago!
Here you guys, Dottie's here!
Today would be a good day for some hot apple oatmeal!
Pretty please?
Those are for you!
See... Bunnie!  Aren't you glad we're not outside in this mess?
Dottie!  What are you doing out there?  Come on in here, where it's dry!  Don't you know we have an ice storm going on?
You wouldn't catch me out there in this stuff!  I'm nice and comfy right here!
The ice storm was so bad, it caved in the hawk netting over bunny land!  Now Dottie has to crack all the ice off and get it back up before the snow comes tonight!  What a winter this has been!
New snow!

Hey Donk E?  You think spring is ever gonna get here?

Not if it keeps this up!  Snow and ice and snow!  And then more snow!  I'm glad we got a break!

Hey you guys!  Wait for me! 
Solly's probably at the bird feeder already!
If they eat enough of that stuff... they're gonna turn into bird brains!

That's okay with me!  This stuff is good!

At least with the new snow we can run without slipping on the ice!

Come on, Solly!  I'll race you!

Na... I don't want to race!

Afraid I'll win, hunh?
It's really nice to see those two getting along like that!
After days of nasty weather... I need some sun glasses!
Hey!  Did any one see where Dottie went?
She was here just a second ago!
She's in here, Solly!  I saw her go into the studio!
Oh!  Hiding out on she!
 I see you in there!
Open the door, will ya! 
So this is the studio?  You've been spending a lot of time in here, lately! 
What do you do in here?
You cut up tiny pieces of Dichroic glass to make stones for bracelets? 
Bumma that she's in there working... instead of out here, playing with us!
She has to pay for the vet to come and stick us with needles every spring?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?
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