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March 9

Did you bring us some more of those cinnamon raisin bagels?

Ya!  Those were really good!

What are you up to now, Donk E?

I'm bringing the brush to Dottie, so she can brush me, Solly!

Hey, Donk E!  I'll bring her the brush for you!

Back away, Solly!  This is my quality time!

Solly could have gotten the brush before, but he waits 'till I bring it!  Then he moves right in and hogs my attention!
Here's the brush, Dottie!  Hurry up before Solly comes back!
Start at my nose and work your way back, please?
Can I be next... after you, Donk E?
No!  I'm next!  Out of the way, Donk E!

Oh!  Ya!  Can you rub a little harder?

Solly!  I wasn't done with my turn, yet!

Can you brush around my eyes, please?

Ok, Donk E!  My turn, now!

Brush under my chin!  Oh, ya!  Right there!

Is it my turn, again, yet?

Hey, Solly!  I didn't even get a turn yet!

Rub harder, Dottie!  Get right in there!
Oh, ya!  Good spot!  Good spot!
Brush harder!  Perfect!  Right there!  Good spot!  Yaaaaaa!
Solly always buts in and hogs my lovings!  That's so unfair!
That's ok, though!  I'll just practice my ball trick 'till he's done!
It's hard for me to get the ball with my two front teeth missing!
My big boy teeth are coming in now!
I can't wait 'till they grow in all the way!
Then it will be..."Look out, Solly"!  He He!
Hey Donk E!  Go get your lovings!  I'm done, now!
I'm almost done with my ball trick!
There!  Ta - Da! 

Ohhhhhhh!  Behind the ears!  Can you brush inside them, too, please?

Hey!  Why'd ya put the brush away?
Ya!  We weren't done yet!
Seeing I had to share my brushing with Solly!
Here ya go, Dottie!
Hurry up, before he comes back!

That feels so good!

Can you hurry up so I can have a turn before Solly comes back?

You have to brush harder because I grew really thick winter fur!  And it's starting to come out now!
I love you, Dottie!
What's up, Mat?
How come you always hang back when it comes time for lovings?  Don't you like lovings?
I like lovings, Mat!  I just don't like getting my toes stepped on when you're all in a bunch!
Besides,,, I get my quality time with Dottie when I'm eating my grain!  She'll pat me and scratch me... and clean the hay from my fur!  And I have her all to myself!
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