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March 8     Part 3

Go ahead, Donk E!  I have the shovel up!  You push the poo in!

 I don't want to use my nose either, Mat!

Well...forget it then, Donk E!  I'm not gonna be the poo pusher!

Then how will we get 'er done, Mat?


It looks so easy, when Dottie does it!

That's 'cuz she's a human, Donk E!  Humans have thumbs!

Well I can use my bottom lip like a thumb!  That's how I can open doorknobs!  It's a donkey thing!

 And if I can teach myself how to open a doorknob, then I can teach myself how to shovel a shovel!

So that's how Donk E opens doorknobs!  He uses his bottom lip like a thumb!  I'm gonna have to try it!

What am I saying?  I tried opening the doorknob!  A million times!  It must be a donkey thing or I would have done it by now!

Come on, Solly!  Give me a hand, will ya?

What do you want me to do, Donk E?


I want you to help me get the poo onto the shovel, Solly!  Then Dottie can lift it, and dump it in the poo barrel!

I can get the poo on the shovel, Donk E!

Oh!  Here we go!  Ya!  Right, Solly!

Solly!  What makes you think you can do it?  I've been trying all morning...

... and you haven't tried at all!

That doesn't mean I can't do it, Donk E!

I wouldn't even need you to hold the shovel for me!

Ya!  Right, Solly!  You can get poo on the shovel... all by yourself?

He Ha Ha Haw!  Ya right, Solly!

I'm being serious, Donk E! 

Come on, Solly!  Get real, will ya?  It takes get poo!

There!  I got it up!  Come on, Solly!  Help me out, here!  Push the poo on the shovel!

Donk E... there's no poo there to push!

Quick, Solly!  Before I drop it!

Donk E... I'm telling you...there's no poo there!

What do you mean...there's no poo there?  Ouch!  I'm stuck!
I tried my hardest to help you, Dottie!  I just couldn't do it!
That counts for something, right?
It only took me all morning!  And I still couldn't do it!

Oh...ya!  Ear rub!

Hey!  Why's Donk E getting lovings?

Ohhhhhhhh!  Double ear rub!

Hey!  That's not fair!  Donk E didn't even get any poo on the shovel!

It can't be done, Solly!  I tried!

I'll bet you my dinner back, that I can do it!
Well... there you go!
That's how it's done!  Right in the poo rake!
Now be a Good Girl, and put that in the poo barrel for me, will ya?

What was so hard about that?  Pay up... Donk E!  I can taste it now!

I suppose you're gonna want my desert, too, Solly!

Mine, too, probably!

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