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March 8     Part 2

Listen, you guys!  Don't you get it?  Dottie doesn't want your help!  She likes cleaning our poo!  Go ask her! 

Dottie, Solly said you don't want our help!

Yaaaaaaa.... he said to go ask you!

He said you like cleaning our poo!
You do?
I can think of funner ways to spend time together!
I told you so, Donk E!
That's why we have humans!  To clean up our poo!  And feed us!  So we can make more poo!  Then in the spring... we trade buckets of poo for bags of food!  Then we make even more poo!

You can't work these tools, anyway, Donk E!

Well...I can try, Solly!

I'll betcha my dinner, you can't do it, Donk E!

You're on, Solly!  Get out of my way!

First!  The shovel!

I almost have it!

Donk E...give it up!  You can't do it!

You did it, Donk E!  I don't believe it!

That's one down, Solly!

I'm impressed!
Now... for the poo rake!
Come on, baby!  Come to papa!
We have a dinner riding on this!
Almost there!
No!  Please!  Don't get stuck!
Ta-Da!  I did it!

Ha Ha!  What do you say, now... Solly?

Can I take the bet back?

He Haw... He Haw!  I get Solly's dinner!

So now that you guys have the tools out... what are you gonna do now?

I don't know!  What are we gonna do now, Donk E?

We're gonna go clean some poo, Mat!

OK, Donk E!

Where should we start, Mat?

Just pick a pile, Donk E!

We have plenty to choose from!

How 'bout that one, Donk E?

Oh!  This is gonna be good! 

Come on, Donk E!  Let's do this one, down here!  You bring the shovel!
Me?  Bring the shovel?
Ok, shovel!  Come on!
We're gonna do some poo picking!
Ok!  Mat!  I'm ready!
What do you want me to do, Donk E?

Push the poo on the shovel, Mat!

With what, Donk E?

Use your nose, Mat!

Naaaaaaaaaaaa... I don't think so, Donk E!

I'll tell you what, Donk E!
I'll hold the shovel up... and you push it with your nose!
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