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March 8

Is it spring, yet?  I'm so sick of white!  I want green!  Lots of green!
Did you bring us something good?
I just want lovings!
Lovings?  I want lovings!
You're giving lovings?  I want some!  I've been waiting all morning!
Radish greens?  Can I have the bag?

Sniff sniff...yeck!

You don't expect us to eat them, do you?

I like the radish greens, Romeo!

Good!  Then you can eat the radish greens... and I'll eat the carrot!

Yeck Yeck Yeck!

How about bringing us something good!

I'll settle for the carrot that the bunnies got!

Hi Dottie!  Look what I found!  My new best place to hang out!
The heating vent!
Hey, Donk E!  Give me a hand...will ya?

Sure, Mat!  What are you trying to do?

Get the shovel and rake out!

Oh... I don't know, Mat!  Dottie won't be too happy!

I want to help her do yard chores, Donk E!

Here, Mat!  I'll just tip the poo cart, and they'll fall right out!

No, Donk E!  Don't tip it!

I don't want to make more work for her!  I want to try to help her!
Mat... you know what Dottie says when we try to help her!

It takes her three times longer when the two of us try to help her!

I know, Donk E!  But if we can work the shovel and poo rake, we can clean our own poo!  That will make her very happy!  And she'll have more time to play with us!

Ok, Mat!  I'll grab the poo rake and you get the shovel!

I've been trying, Donk E!  I can't budge the shovel!

The poo rake is holding the shovel down!  Here... I'll help you lift the rake!

Hey, Mat... Dottie's calling us!

Hi, Dottie!  Mat and I are trying to help you clean poo!
Can we at least try?  Please?  Pretty please?
First I'll get the shovel out!
Ooops!  It's stuck!
I'm gonna do it!
Maybe if I push it this way!
I told ya, Donk E... it's stuck under the poo rake!

I'm gonna do it, Mat!

Well... keep going, Donk E!  You almost have it!

It's stuck in there pretty good, Donk E!

I don't care, Mat!  I'm not giving up!

It's starting to move, some!
Boy!  This is harder than I thought!
Let me try going this way again!

Donk E?  What are you doing?

Whoa, Solly!  You scared me!  I'm trying to help Dottie clean up our poo!

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