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March 7

If you don't stop what you're doing...and play with us...the poo barrel gets it!

Hey, Donk E!  What's up with the halter?

I don't know, Galahad!  Dottie just said I had to get dressed!

I heard Dottie tell Joe... that Penny was coming for a visit this morning!
I really like Penny!  She does a great pedicure!
Here ya go, Dottie!  Get me dressed, please?  When's she gonna get here?
My hoofs really need a trimming!  They grew a lot in eight weeks!
It's Penny!  She's here!

You have to say our name when you feed us a treat, Penny!  The rest of us know to hang back and wait for our turn!  That way we don't do the crowding thing!  Say Solly first, then Donk E!

Hey wait a minute, Solly!  Penny... say Donk E first!  Then Solly!

Maaaaaat!  Thank you!

Hey, Penny...How many is Mat getting?!    Thank you, Penny!

Solly got to go first... the first now it's my turn to be first!

Penny can't change the order now, Donk E!  It will mess everything up!

Me...Maaaaaaaat!  Thank you, Penny!  I don't get forgotten when I can get up on something! 
My turn...again!  Gal - la - had!  I like the way you say that!
Sol - Lee!  Thank you very much!

And Donk E!   Thank you!

Is the cup empty, now?

That was the last Cheerio?

There's no more left?

How come I have ta be first?  Solly's the one who likes getting his feet trimmed!
It's not you, Penny!  I like you!  I just don't like my feet trimmed!
You wouldn't understand, Penny! 
Solly nips my feet to make me run faster, and scares me.   Dottie tells him to stop, but he does it when she's not looking!
Boy, Donk E!  You're a woos!
I am NOT a woos, Solly!
Coulda fooled me, Donk E!
Ya know, Solly... I don't like getting my feet trimmed, either!  It scares me, too!  So I know how Donk E feels!  Don't make him feel worse then he already does!
I don't know what you guys are afraid of!  It's not like it hurts or anything! 
  Trimmed feet are happy feet!  I think it feels pretty good! 
And Penny, here, does a good job of keeping my feet healthy!
They're just wooses, Penny!  Oh, ya!  Chest scratch!
Oh!  Good spot! 
Bye, Penny!  See you in 8 weeks!
Penny?  It doesn't hurt when you trim their feet, does it?  Dottie trims my feet all the time, and it doesn't hurt!
So...Donk E really is being a woos?  Can he outgrow woosness?  Dottie has to help him?  I'm sure she will!  We'll all help!
Hey Donk E.......Phfffft!  (Razberry!)  You're a woos!  Face it!  You're just a big chicken!

Solly!  That's not right!  Don't make Donk E feel bad because he's afraid of something!

It's ok...Galahad!  Solly's right!  I am a woos! 

Solly...stop making Donk E feel bad!

Ha Ha!  What!  Why are you so upset, Mat?  Hey...even Donk E said it!  He's a woos!

Solly!  How can you say Donk E's a woos?  You hide in the barn when the fox comes by!  Donk E's the one who has the courage to chases him away!  If you ask're the real woos!

You really think I'm a woos, Mat?

I never thought of it like that before!  I guess I'm the woos, hunh?  Gee... I'm sorry, Donk E! 

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