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March 6

You know what would be nice right now?

Nothing better on a freezing cold day...than a bucket of hot steaming oatmeal!
Ohhhhhh!  Oatmeal!
With carrot and apple chunks!  Oh, boy!
This is sooooooo goooooood!
I better hurry up and eat this before Solly's done!
I'm almost done, Donk E!  You better make it quick!
Solly...if you try to eat my oatmeal...I'm gonna tell Dottie!
Go ahead!  Be a tattle tail!  What's she gonna do....take it away?  I'll be done by then!
Dottie!  Solly's gonna eat my oatmeal!
You heard her, Solly!  If you go in the time out pen!
I don't care if you call me a tattle tail!
I found if you're getting bullied...the best thing to do tell someone who will help!
He He He!  Works every time!
Let those two squabble over the left overs!
I found the pot of gold!  Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!
Can we go for a walk, today?
The ice is way too dangerous for us to walk on!
And it's everywhere! 
Time for some duckie lovings!  Don't forget to bring the eggs in before they freeze!
This food bowl makes it easier for me to get the food!  You know...with my wierd beak and all!
I can't wait for winter to be over, and we can eat this right out of the field!

Solly!  This is my hay pile!  Yours is up there!

I know, Donk E!  But yours is bigger!

Then you won't mind if I push a little over here, will ya, Donk E?

I don't mind if you eat a little, Solly!  But don't go hogging the whole pile!

Solly!  You're hogging the pile! happy now, Donk E?

No!  You're taking all the good stuff, Solly!  Go eat your own pile!

Sometimes... you just have to be assertive!  It works, too!
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