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March 4

Good morning!  Can you open the gate and let me out?  I have to "go" really bad!
When you gutta go... you gutta go!
Whoa!  I know it snowed last night, but I wasn't expecting this!
First ... Let me see if there's any stray pellets I might of missed!  Dottie tosses a few over here to encourage me to go down the ramp!  She doesn't really have to, but I'll just stand by the door, 'till I hear a pew pellets ping off the wall!  That is... unless I really ...really have to go bad!
Now... to go over to my poo spot!
Ahhh!  How do you spell relief?!!
That's all it's done is snow this winter!  Every other day!
I heard the weather guy on TV say it's suppose to snow again tonight!  A big one, too!
OK... you can let me in, now!  It's wicked cold out here!

Yep!  Weather man was right!  We got snow!  A lot of it!  These tracks are from Dottie coming out to check on us and to brush the snow off the hawk net so it doesn't collaps!  She's gonna have to work on that in the spring!  2" poultry wire would have been better then the plastic netting! 

These tracks are from the fox!  He comes up the driveway now when he comes to "visit"!
He use to come from the woods!   When he crossed in front of the garage, he'd set off the lights from the motion sensor!  He's one smart fox!
Is it ever gonna turn green again?
I only get a little grain mixed in with my salt, minerals and vitamins!
I lick the bowl 'till it's clean!  Good thing I get to fill up on hay!
I get the most grain!  That's why I eat out here with Dottie!  Once the boys are done with theirs... they make a mad dash for my bowl!  That's why they get fed in the barn and me out here!
Can I have a rice cake like you just gave the bunnies?
Oh... this is delicious!
Can I have some, too?

Oh!  Very good!

Hey!  Galahad got a bigger piece than me!

That's 'cuz I'm bigger than you, Mat!  Wow!  That stuff is sticky!
Hey... Dottie?  Solly wants to know if he can have a rice cake, too!

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