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March 2

We found you!  So this is where you've been hiding!  In the studio! 

When are you gonna come out and play with us?

Can we come in?

But I thought WE were your therapy!
Hey!  My lucky day!  I found a leaf!  Tastes like plastic...but it's green!
This is the stained glass picture Dottie was working on!  Think she's hoping for spring?
Can we bowl now?  Or flip the tire?  I'm getting bored with colors!

Hey!  You're eating something... Zeekie Kitty!  What is it?  Care to share?

I found some cat nip, Piggy! 

Table top looks like a nice place to catch a sun beam!

After this we put the colors away!  Then let me count with the bowling pins!  OK?

I only get pellets for colors... but I get cranberries for counting! 


Ready?  Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange!  And if you mix them up...They're still Red, blue, green yellow, purple and orange!  They'll just be in different places!

What are you eating, now, Zeekie? 

 More cat nip, Piggy!

 What is cat nip, Zeekei?

It's a cat treat, Piggy!  Cat nip... to a like cranberries to a pig! 

Can I try some, Zeekie?

No... I don't think that's a good idea, Piggy!

Why not, Zeekie?

It's cat nip, Piggy!  It's only for cats!

Don't you have to do tricks for it?

No... I'm a cat, Piggy!  We don't do tricks for treats...

Zeekie... you do tricks for treats!  You wrap yourself around Dotties legs purring, and walk her towards the drawer she has the cat nip in!  That's a trick!

That's a human trick, Piggy!  I taught Dottie, when I do that... she gives me cat nip!

Well.. how 'bout when Dottie wants you to come in the kitchen?  She pops open a can of cat food, and you come running!  That's a trick!

No it's not, Piggy!  That just means we're getting canned cat food!

Even when she has to find you when the vet's here to give you your shots, Zeekie?  Hunh?  That's a trick!

And how about when you and Momma cat have to sit before she puts cat food in your food bowl?  That's a trick!

We taught Dottie, that if we sit by our food bowl and meow, she'll fill it for us!  It's a human trick that we taught her!

Face it, Zeekie!  You do tricks for treats!

It kinda looks that way, doesn't it, Piggy! 

Yes it does!

We cats like to think we train our humans!  We just let them think they're training us!

Piggy?  Do you think you can teach me colors? 

Sure, Momma Cat! It's easy!  This is red!  You have to come over and nudge it with your nose!

Now, Momma Cat... pick the blue one!

Is this blue, Piggy?

No... that's orange!


The blue one's over there, Momma Cat!

It's no use, Piggy!  They all look the same to me!

Me, too, Piggy!  I could never figure out how you did that!

Hey, Zeekie?  Wanna play with my stuffed piggy?  It's fun!  Makes my tail wag!

Everything makes your tail wag, Piggy!

Ya... that's true!  I'm tired after all that running around I did!

Take a cat nap, Piggy!  I'm gonna!

Right in the middle of the sun beam!  How good is that!
I'm learning how to roll a ball around... with me on it!
The first thing I had to learn... was to perch on her hand, when Dottie said "up"!  Once I felt comfortable with that, she would hover me over the ball!
Then she lowers her hand... and rests it on the ball!  And I just sit there... on her hand... on the ball!
Then she says... "going up" and raises me into the air!  That's when she tells me "Good Chickie"! 

Then we go back down and rest on the ball again!

Hey Dottie...can you tell Chickie, there, to step away?  She's crowding my act!

I just want to see if you're really resting on the ball!  Are you?

Yes we are!  Now... do you mind?  Step away...and wait your turn!  You can be next!
Now we're going up again!  We do this a lot!
Now when she brings her hand down, she puts it lower than the top of the ball!
Because I like to go "up", I walk onto the top of the ball, while Dottie holds the ball so it doesn't move!   When she puts her hand in front of me and push up to my chest, I climb back onto her hand... and we do it all over again!  And again!
What do you think of the chick trick!  Cool, hunh!  Wait till you see what we're working on next!
Wild turkeys at the bird feeder!  With all the snow and ice, food is pretty scarce in the forest!
We'll have to come back again tomorrow!  This is a good spot for lunch!  Lots of seeds!
There's still some left!  I'm going back!


Come on... you Toms!  Time to do a walk about and look for a place to bed down for the night!

Can we come back here tomorrow?

Will you remember where this place is?

Why do we have to go back in the forest?  There's nothing to eat out there! 

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