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February 28


Hi!  I'm Piggy!  And you are?  Elsie!  Nice to meet you!  Your friend, Benny brought you here for a little Critter Therapy?  Cool!  I do tricks, ya know!  For those cramberries you have in your hand!
I'm so sorry, Elsie!  I wasn't paying attention!  You have a handful of cranberries!

I'm sitting!  Yep!  I'm nodding yes!  And then I smile!  See!

Dottie always asks me if I'm sitting after I sit!  It's 'cuz of my low belly and stubby little legs!  Hard to tell... I guess!  So... I have to shake my head up and down to tell her yes!  That gets a lot of laughs when I do that!  It's part of our act!

Now...give me a cranberry, please!  I should really get three, because that's three tricks in one!  But Dr. Emmily said "NO"!  Only one per trick!  Bumma, hunh?

Here's my treasure box!  You need to put a cranberry in it, then close the cover!  I open it with my nose, and get the cranberry!  Then you clap and say "What a good Piggy"!  Ready?  OK...Elsie...put the cranberry in the box!
Hey!  It's empty!  You didn't put a cranberry in there, Elsie!  No play!  Nope!  You owe me a cranberry!  I'll just stand here 'till you do, then!

Let me explain something...Elsie!

I get one berry per color!  I'd like to get two or three, but I settle for one... because of that "diet" thing!  So... give it up, or I'll just stand here and look at you...'till you do!  That's part of our act!  It makes people laugh!

You owe me a berry for the purple one!  I'll get the orange one after you berry me for the purple!  Look, Elsie...Dottie taught me how to stay like this for a long time...'till I get my berry!  So... give it up!

Wow, Piggy!  She was a tough nut to crack!  But you showed her!

You can tell she trained a lot of critters in her life, Momma Cat! 

But I've trained my share of humans, too!  And they learn almost as fast as pigs!  I'm still trying to get Dottie to realize I can count to ten!  I knock over four bowling pins...I get four pellets!  Three pins...three pellets!  Two pins...two pellets!  One pellet!  That's ten pellets!  She got all wierded out thinking I was starting to count backwards!  I think it scared her!  He He Snort!
Zeke and I can count to three, Piggy!  When Dottie opens the door to let us in and out...she counts ... one, two, three!  If we don't come in by three...she shuts the door!  So Zeke and I know what two is... real good!

About time you guys came in for a break!  You look exausted!

You look like you need a little snuggle time! 
Here!  Rub my belly!  You'll feel better!
To all our friends in Sunny California, Florida, Texas and South America....this one's for you!
This snow was so wet and heavy, it snapped the tops of the branches that were holding up the hawk netting over the bunny yard!
The only way to get the snow off it, is for Dottie to be under it, hitting it with a broom!  The snow falls through... onto Dottie!  She comes out covered!  Sometimes she has to do this 3 or 4 times, during a storm like this!
The snow doesn't stop the birds, though!  They still get hungry... and we still feed them!
That's just not fair!  It's snowing out!  Out!  We don't ever get snow in here!  I want some snow!
Momma Bunnie...what's snow?  Oh!  That white stuff outside!  I want snow, too!
Be careful what you wish for, girls!  At least it's dry in here!  And the hay keeps us warm!  We don't need snow!
I don't want hay... I want lovings!  Will you take your glove off, so you can scratch me better?
Hey, Dottie!  Do me a favor, please?  Can you get that clover flower that's stuck between my eyes and feed it to me?  It's driving me crazy!
Solly's driving me crazy!  He's hogging all the clover flowers!  Again!
Solly always hogs the good stuff!

Go ahead, Donk E...ask her before she goes in the house!

Ahh... Dottie? 

Could you make us a bucket of hot oatmeal with apple chunks?

Yaaaaaa.... and put some maple syrup in it, too!  Please!

Here comes Dottie... with a bucket!

It's steaming, too!

Plowing and shoveling!  Is it spring, yet?
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